Whether we are comfortable discussing it or not, we all take a s*** – and yes, most of the time it really does stink.

This is all perfectly normal and natural human behaviour, of course, and informs much of our morning rituals.


For the average person, mornings consist of s***, shower and shave, but a recent survey conducted by QS Supplies of more than 1,000 Brits and Americans has revealed there are some pretty disgusting bathroom habits that are probably best kept behind closed doors.

And the most alarming thing they discovered?


That 1 in 30 people have defecated while taking a shower – albeit work showers – but still. WTF?!

Absolutely revolting – does it just go down your leg?


I’m so confused!

Furthermore, 1 in 3 people who use work showers admit to peeing whilst freshening up, which is far more understandable, while 1 in 20 even admit to knocking one out whilst in their work shower.

We have new-found sympathies for our office cleaners…


Elsewhere, overall hygiene standards are similarly pretty poor.

Figures suggest that 1 in 5 of us swerve a shower or bath completely, opting for a wet-wipe wash instead – particularly when it comes to keeping our genitals ‘fresh’.


But to be fair, only 1% of people surveyed ‘fessed up to having no wash at all on a weekly basis, with 18% of us revealing we  scrub up 1-3 times per week.

In contrast, 31% wash every day, whilst the largest proportion of those surveyed claim to shower or bathe a total of 4-6 times – so all is not lost (yet).


Deciding factors on when and whether to wash were based on an individual’s level of smelliness (47%) or the time passed since they last washed, regardless of how smelly they’d gotten (53%).

This determined the reactive washers from the proactive washers.


Personally, I’d consider myself proactive and I’m actually really surprised others choose to wait until they honk before considering a proper level of hygiene.

Evidently, not everyone sees washing their bodies each day a necessity, with 47% of people surveyed saying they often skip washing because they “don’t have time”.

Surely a 4-minute shower is achievable for everybody – no matter how busy their schedules?!

Of course, there are hygiene hacks to be shared.


These include using a “cover-up” spray to mask any unwanted odours (45% of women vs. 41% of men) – with some even spraying their genitals with no actual efforts to clean them.


QS Supplies, who conducted the study, say that “our bathing habits are more than purely logical choices made to stay hygienic.

Instead, they can reveal secrets about who we are, what we care about, and even what our relationships are like”.

Their only criticism was of the 1 in 30 who admit to taking a poo in the work shower and we have to agree.

It’s unforgivable behaviour.

Images via QS Supplies