It’s one thing to share a toothbrush with your partner, but sharing underwear is on a whole different level. 

In the germ-conscious Covid era we are currently living, people’s hygiene standards seem to be improving. 

However, there have been some studies of late proving that people are still pretty gross. It was recently discovered that a third of men have never changed their bed sheets. Grim.

Now, a study has found that many people do not care about germs when it comes to their relationships either. 

End of Tenancy Cleaning London commissioned the study, and the results are a little nauseating. 

Many couples admitted to sharing cutlery, which in a covid world isn’t great, but it’s hardly unheard of between couples. 

Sharing towels was another revelation from the study. This is something that is unsurprising, but when you actually think about it, is pretty gross. 

Many lovers were also found to share toothbrushes. This is and always will be grim, though it seems to be very common. 

The Study

4,330 couples were involved in this study. They were asked to divulge their dirtiest hygiene habits. 

27% of the couples admitted to sharing each other’s underwear. Some people might say that doing so is weird – but it’s actually just very unhygienic. Sharing underwear can pass gross and unwanted bacteria onto your skin. 

The thing that most couples admitted to doing was sharing cutlery. To be fair, this is pretty normal and a lot of people do it. 86% of the couples in the survey admitted to sharing a fork here and there. 

Coming in at second place was sharing lip balm. 81% of couples said they did this. Again, this is pretty normal, but it can lead to the spreading of cold sores and other nasty infections. 

Another common thing couples share are towels. This is risky because it can increase infections like conjunctivitis. Not only are couples sharing towels, but they are also sharing tweezers, which could actually lead to some serious health consequences. 

Partners are at higher risk of catching blood-borne infections if they share the same set of tweezers with their loved one. 

You should also refrain from sharing a razor with your other half. These can pick up small bits of blood, leading to both blood-borne infections and bacterial or viral infections. 

Other habits that made the list were sharing deodorant, unwashed clothes and bars of soap. 

39% admitted to the absolutely HORRIFIC offense of sharing a toothbrush. 

It was found that just over three quarters of the participants had not ever thought about the health risks that may come from sharing these items with their partner. 

However, once they were told the risks, 68% of the participants said they would still continue to share the items mentioned. 

Please though, stop sharing toothbrushes.

Image via Alamy