10 Foods That Should Have Never Seen The Light Of Day

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 01.07.20

Funny old world we live in, isn’t it? Sometimes a company releases a product that everyone goes mad for, but other times a company that should know better releases a product so awful that it nearly bankrupts them.

In general, most of these companies survived after their calamities because they’re largely too big to fail, but oftentimes there’s no excuse for being this stupid.

Have a look. See if you’ve tried any of these.

1.  Colgate ready meals

In defence of Colgate food, it wasn’t made to clean your teeth while you eat or anything like that, it was just normal frozen food.

The issue was that people thought it was going to be all toothpastey, because of the branding.

2. Breakfast Mates


Everything you need in a box. It’s too much of an effort to buy milk separately to the cereal that you also bought and then use one of the spoons that you already own.

That’s why Kellogg’s put everything you needed in one package.

3. Bacon Soda

This one’s actually still available – even though it looks like it’s from the 50s – and you shouldn’t buy it. You really shouldn’t buy it.

4. Cheetos Lip Balm

New Coke, Cheetos lip balm among 50 all-time worst product flops

Not technically a food, I know.

You can only assume that this one was made as a joke. There’s no real reason why anyone would want this. The worst thing about eating cheese products is that the flavour repeats on you once you’re done. This is just that.

5. Coca-Cola BlāK

Coca-Cola Blak | Coca-Cola Blak | BevNET.com Product Review + ...

Essentially half-coke-half-coffee, which sounds intensely awful. It was, apparently, and was promptly removed from the market. The packaging looks very 2006, and that’s because it is.

6. Reddi-Bacon

Reddi-Bacon: A 1964 Attempt to Provide Bacon in an Instant

Bits of bacon wrapped in foil that you were supposed to cook in your toaster. In a fun twist, Reddi-Bacon set people’s toasters on fire.

7. Pepsi A.M.

Spectacular Failures: 35 Notorious Product Flops | Work + Money

I really actually like the packaging here, but the product itself is quite not good. It’s Cola that you’re supposed to drink with breakfast as it’s cola with 28% more caffeine.

I used to work with a guy who would sink three cans of Monster before 10am. We shouldn’t normalise that.

8. Ore-Ida Funky Fries


So oven chips but some are green, some are cinnamon-flavoured, and others tasted like chocolate.

Why did anyone think this would work?

9. EZ Squirt Ketchup

Heinz Funky EZ Squirt Ketchup : FellowKids

This will never get enough press. So so so gross. I remember in the early noughties, my older brother having green ketchup with his chips, loving it, and me feeling physically sick. I have no idea why you’d want this.

10. Watermelon Oreo

Watermelon Oreos

Say what you see. A bad flavour combination.

Watermelon never works as a manufactured flavour and least of all in a sodding biscuit. I’m hardly surprised that these died miserably.

I feel sick.