10 Hilarious ‘Friends’ Easter Eggs You Won’t Have Noticed First Time Around

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Published 19.09.19

Friends is one of those shows where its biggest fans will know every single detail about it.

I like to think I’m pretty clued up about it too, so much so in fact that if I were to ever go on Mastermind it’d probably be my specialist subject.

Having said that, even me, a self-proclaimed super-fan, has missed out on some pretty subtle details – and I bet you have too.


These are 10 amazing Friends Easter eggs carefully put into the show that you probably won’t have noticed first time around:

1. Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Anastassakis?

Remember season 7, episode 24?

Of course you do. It’s “The One With Monica And Chandler’s Wedding : Part 1” and Rachel is looking for a minister for the ceremony before stumbling across a Greek wedding.

One of the last names is “Anastassakis” which few people will know is a nod to Jen’s real family name which she changed to Aniston when they moved over to the United States.

2. Creators’ Cameo

Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin Bright are the three souls responsible for ‘Friends’, and many of you will have missed the episode where they make a cameo.


In “The One After The Superbowl”, the trio make an appearance as part of the film crew, and in “The One With The Fake Monica” they’re the auditioners in the final scene when Joey introduces himself as Holden McGroin.











3. Speaking of cameos… Chandler’s real-life dad

Joshua, Joshu-u-wa.

When Rachel dates him in season 4, there’s an episode where he invites her to his parents’ house when they are away.

Well, ICYMI, Joshua’s dad is actually played by none other than Matthew Perry’s real dad.

4. THAT yellow frame

Yes it’s pretty iconic but do you know why it was so carefully placed on Monica’s front door?

Well, I’ll tell you – it’ was actually a mirror a crew member broke accidentally. From that point onwards, it was included in the show. Presumably as a reminder to never break mirrors?

5. Pat the dog

Joey and Chandler have a lot of tat lying around their flat, but none more so than Pat the dog who they elegantly ride in on after they win Monica’s apartment.


That dog was was actually given to Jennifer Aniston as a good luck present when she started acting, and she lent it to the show when Joey got his own place and bought a load of cr*p.

6. The Arquettes

For those of you who don’t know, Courtney Cox married David Arquette in real life and changed her last name.

“The One After Vegas” episode was dedicated to the new couple and the producers paid tribute to them by having every name in the credits end with Arquette.

7. Dinner at Marcel’s

Marcel the monkey was a brilliant addition to the show, and in “The One After The Superbowl” (Part 2) episode, Ross is on the lookout for him.


In one scene with Ross, Chandler and Joey, though, it appears as though they’re actually dining at a restaurant called Marcel’s.

Nice touch.

8. Joey’s PIN

In “The One In Vegas : Part 1″, Joey calls Phoebe and asks her to recall his pin number.

It’s 5639.

For those clever enough, you’ll have worked out that on a standard mobile phone those numbers actually spell out Joey!

9. The infamous Doodle board

Joey and Chandler’s Doodle board is as much a part of the apartment as them.

There has been a number of message on the board – who could forget Chandler’s failed audition reminder? – but one of the lesser known ones is a throwback to an earlier episode.


In episode 2 of season 4, we can see the message “thanks for all your stuff!” which is a reference to the thief that locked Joey in the TV unit and stole from him.

10. The return of Joey’s VD poster

“The One Where Underdog Gets Away” features Joey telling the gang that he’s doing a modelling gig for a clinic only for it to turn out that he’s on posters raising awareness for sexually transmitted diseases.

Later that season, in “The One With Mrs Bing”, the posters can be seen again in a corner of the street, reminding everyone about Mario/Joey’s problems.

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