It’s been a must-watch series for many with a painstakingly long wait for a new season, but Season 4 of The Crown is finally here.

Fans have been raving about it, falling in love (and breaking their hearts again) over Emma Corrin as Diana, and feeling conflicted about Maggie as they love Gillian Anderson.

Here are some of the best reactions for the right royal drama.

Some people were very prepared.

Others were distracted by an unexpected guest.

People were feeling….a kind of way about Thatcher thanks to Gillian.


A few people need a history lesson.

Even in 2020, Diana is influencing fashion choices.

This keen eye (and ear) for detail

Gillian’s acting was a little too accurate for this Dad.

This outraged letter-writer.


This wholesome tweet.

Everyone loves her.

Have you watched it yet?


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