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11-Year-Old Student Pretends To Have An Allergy To Avoid Doing Assignments


Homework is defined as tasks that students are given by their teachers to do when they are not in school. Homework is given so that students can practice the skills and remember what they've learned in class. However, in the eastern part of China, an 11-year-old student pretends to have an allergy to avoid doing assignments.

In the video, a young boy from Jiangsu province in eastern China, who is not named, tries to get out of doing his homework by telling his mother that he has an allergy that makes him cry all the time. They reported that he had been doing his homework for a while when he seemed to get sick. In the picture below, you can see him with a tissue over his nose.

A young boy stuffed a tissue up his nose
A young boy stuffed a tissue up his nose

The boy's mother, whose last name was Yu, noticed that something was wrong and asked him what was wrong. He told her that he had an allergic reaction.

"What are you allergic to?" Yu asked. The boy replied: "I'm allergic to the smell of the books." Yu continued: "Are you saying you can't do homework now? How can we stop, or ease the symptoms?"

The boy didn't answer right away. Instead, he made a ball out of the tissue and stuck it up his nose. Then he sneezed and a tear started to run down his face. But when his mother said they should go to the hospital, he turned it down. So, Yu exclaimed, "Stop pretending! Pick up the pen."

A young student's mother wonders why he hasn't had an allergy for the past five years, but has developed symptoms all of a sudden this year. "Because it was an incubation period," the boy answered. Yu said that this is not the first time her son has done something like this. She also said that he has been making up stories for a long time.

10 Tips To Help Kids Do Homework

HOMEWORK: 10 tips to motivate kids to study

Additional Homework Tips For Parents

Homework isn't always a big hassle. It's fun! The author will share how to motivate your child to love homework. It's true. Schoolwork can be fun. There is no need for yelling, threatening, or crying.

Know the teachers and what they are looking for.Meet your child's teachers at parent-teacher conferences. Find out how to help with homework.

Create a homework-friendly zone. Make sure your children have a well-lit area in which to do their homework. Maintain easy access to supplies such as paper, pencils, glue, and scissors.

Set up a regular time to study. Some kids do their best work in the afternoon, after they've had a snack and played for a while. Others may do their best work after dinner.

Make a plan with them.When your child has a lot of homework or a particularly big assignment, tell him or her to break it up into smaller pieces. If you need to, make a schedule for the night and try to take a 15-minute break every hour.

Reduce the number of distractions. This includes no television, loud music, or phone calls.

Recognize and appreciate their efforts.Post a completed test or art project on the fridge.

Final Thoughts

The video of an 11-year-old student pretending to have an allergy in order to avoid doing homework has gone viral. This shows that children often come up with a lot of reasons why they should not go to school or do their homework. This is because they are not naturally interested in school. If you have a child who doesn't want to do homework at home, you can use the tips in the video to help them.

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