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12 Hours Remain To Rescue Missing Titanic Submarine, Banging Sounds Detected


Rescue efforts are underway in a desperate race against time as a missing Titan submersible with five passengers on board is left with only 12 hours of oxygen supply.

Only 12 hours remain to rescue missing Titanic submarine, banging sounds detectedleaving everyone with hope for the rescue mission. The Canadian aircraft, engaged in the search operation, recently detected intermittent "banging" sounds from the vicinity of the sub's last known location in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the US Coast Guard.

Mysterious Banging Noises Raise Hope

The crew involved in the search operation reported hearing banging sounds approximately every 30 minutes on Tuesday. Four hours later, after deploying additional sonar devices, the banging noises were heard again on Wednesday.

However, the US Coast Guard emphasized that the source of the noises remains unknown, leaving the rescue team with more questions than answers.

'Hope': Banging sounds heard in missing OceanGate Titan submersible search at Titanic site | #HeyJB

Passengers Await Rescue

On board the Titan submersible are Stockton Rush, CEO, and founder of OceanGate Expeditions, along with renowned British billionaire explorer Hamish Harding, renowned French diver Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood, accompanied by his 19-year-old son Suleman Dawood.

The Missing 5 Passengers Aboard the Ocean Gate Submarine
The Missing 5 Passengers Aboard the Ocean Gate Submarine

The sister of Mr. Dawood, Sabrina Dawood, expressed the family's sole focus on the safe return of her brother and nephew, expressing hope and anticipation for a successful rescue operation.

Timeline Of Events

The submersible began its journey from the support vessel on Sunday morning, intending to explore the depths of the Titanic wreckage, lying approximately 12,500 feet below the surface.

Unfortunately, about an hour and 45 minutes after submerging, the Titan lost contact with its surface ship, the Polar Prince, causing growing concern for the well-being of the passengers.

Search Efforts In Progress

In a collaborative effort, the Canadian Armed Forces have joined the search operation, deploying a P-140 aircraft for both surface and sub-surface acoustic detection searches. Their recent video tweet showcased the aircraft diligently scouring the area in hopes of locating the missing submersible.

The US Coast Guard Northeast division also shared an update on the search efforts, posting a map illustrating the extensive searches conducted thus far. Every possible lead is being explored to locate the OceanGate sub and bring the passengers to safety.

Safety Concerns And Record Of The Submarine Company

As the search for the missing Titanic submarine intensifies, questions have emerged regarding the safety and reliability of the submersible itself. A friend of one of the passengers revealed concerns over safety issues and the decision to withdraw from the excursion.

The company responsible for manufacturing the sub, OceanGate Expeditions, has faced scrutiny regarding its safety record, raising further concerns among both the public and the rescue team.

The next 12 hours are critical for the success of the rescue operation, as the limited oxygen supply aboard the Titan submersible continues to dwindle. The mystery behind the banging sounds and the ultimate fate of the passengers remain uncertain.

The collective efforts of the search teams offer a glimmer of hope in an otherwise challenging situation, as the world anxiously awaits newsof a successful rescue and the safe return of those aboard the missing sub.

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