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8 Discontinued Crisp Flavours You Wish You Could Still Get Today


We've lost some crackers because they flew too close to the sun... The world of crisps – or "chips," as the Americans call them (despite the fact that the term is trademarked) – is oversaturated, and when new flavors are released, we often have to make room for them by discontinuing manufacturing of more basic flavors.

Walkers Stephen Fry Up

Back in the wild year of 2011, for Comic Relief, Walkers released four comedian-flavour crisps, including Steak And Al Pie, Frank Roast Dinner and Jimmy Con-Carne.

The best by far though was Stephen Fry Up, and they genuinely tasted like a fry up but in crisp form. I miss them every day.

Blue Monster Munch

A chips with a design of a monster
A chips with a design of a monster

Over a decade ago now, snacks aimed at children were seldom colour-fast. Rather than get back to the drawing board though, the mercurial marketing geniuses would act like this was a positive. Coco Pops turn your milk brown! Chupa Chups sour apple lollypops turn your tongue green!

But then Monster Munch made pickled onion crisps that turn your tongue blue on purpose. They were jarring and not long for this world. Pickled onions aren’t even blue.

Cadbury Snaps

3 bigs chocolates with different colors of packaging
3 bigs chocolates with different colors of packaging

Alright not technically a crisp, but they’re shaped like Pringles and they were f*cking delicious.

They blew absolutely ever After Eight, Matchmaker and Foxes biscuit out of the water for posh-ish after-dinner snacks and I can only assume that it’s because of that, someone at Cadbury had their kneecaps broken as a warning to remove them from supermarket shelves.

I hear you can get own brand versions at Aldi or Lidl, but they won’t be the same.

Tangy Toms

A cheese ball and its packaging is color red
A cheese ball and its packaging is color red

When I was doing the research for this, I came across something that shook me to my very core.

Tangy Toms have apparently been discontinued. I used to buy a pack of them every day back when I worked for my dad in 2013/14. The tomato-flavoured little balls of joy were fantastic and I genuinely thought about buying some the other day.

I guess not.

Spaghetti Monster Munch

A chips in a purple packaging
A chips in a purple packaging

Yeah I had no idea either.

Since discovering they used to exist, I’ve heard things…

Good things? I didn’t say that.

You know, some people wanted them back.

Cream ‘N’ Cheesy Nik Naks

A chips that is flavored in cheese
A chips that is flavored in cheese

Only one picture of these exist. That’s how good they were.

Apparently you can win a gold nugget, which I wager is the most random prize from a snack ever.

I maintain that Nice ‘n’ Spicy Nik Naks are the best crisps currently on the market, but these look and sound bloody terrible.

Again, some weirdos miss them.

Doritos 3D

Two chips, 1 in red and 1 in blue
Two chips, 1 in red and 1 in blue

You know that Treehouse of Horror Simpsonsepisode where Homer accidentally enters the third dimension? Doritos did that once, albeit for a finite amount of time.

No one wants 3D Doritos. They belong firmly within the same two dimension inhabited by the Earth (which is flat) and SpongeBob (when he’s not out of water).

Pringles Salt And Pepper

A can with full of chips inside
A can with full of chips inside

Absolutely to die for, these little bastards, and in the brief period in which they existed in the early (whatever this decade is called), I ate more than my fair share of them.

I have no idea why they’re no longer available and I can only assume that at the time, few people were brave enough to look past Paprika or Sour Cream and Chive Pringles to try these ones out.

What a different world it would be if they did.

Can You Still Buy Hedgehog Crisps?

Bensons, a crisp manufacturer, bought the company (later known as Snackhouse). Hedgehog Flavoured Crisps were available in Canada for a while, and plans were in the works to sell the product in the United States. The item has been removed from the market.

What Is The Best Selling Crisp Flavour In The UK?

Walker's Cheese and Onion emerged victorious as the nation's most liked packet of crisps, according to new study by Insights Agency, Perspectus Global, based on a survey of 2,000 Britons.

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