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15-foot Spoon Stolen From Dairy Queen Was Found By A Guy While Playing Pokémon Go


A 15-foot spoon stolen from Dairy Queen was found by a guy while playing Pokémon Go. In March 2023, a 15-foot-long spoon was stolen from a Dairy Queen restaurant. This bizarre incident occurred in a small town in the United States, and it quickly made headlines across the country.

15-Foot Spoon Stolen From Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen owners were shocked and confused when they discovered that the iconic spoon had gone missing. However, the story took a strange twist when a 15-foot spoon stolen from Dairy Queen was found by a guy while playing Pokémon Go and alerted the authorities.

According to newsreports, the spoon was a prominent feature of the Dairy Queen's exterior. It was red and shaped like an oversized spoon, measuring 15 feet in length. The spoon was not only a decoration but also a landmark of sorts for the small town. The Dairy Queen owners were dismayed to find that the spoon was gone, and they reported the theft to the local police.

The police immediately launched an investigation into the theft of the spoon. They combed through surveillance footage from the Dairy Queen and interviewed witnesses who might have seen something suspicious. However, their efforts were initially in vain, as they found no evidence that could lead them to the thief.

Meanwhile, a Pokémon Go player was out hunting for virtual creatures when he stumbled upon the missing spoon. The player, Michael Foster, saw the giant red spoon and immediately realized that it was the same one that had been stolen from the Dairy Queen. He quickly took photos and contacted the police, who were amazed to receive the unexpected lead.

The police rushed to the scene and found the spoon exactly where the Pokémon Go player had described it. They recovered the spoon and returned it to the Dairy Queen, where it was reinstated as a beloved landmark of the town. The police were grateful to the Pokémon Go player for his help, and they commended him for his good deed.

It is not clear whether the thief has been identified or apprehended in connection with the theft of the spoon. However, the recovery of the spoon has brought a sense of closure to the Dairy Queen employees and the local community.

The spoon has been a beloved landmark of the town for many years, and its theft was felt deeply by many people. The fact that it has been recovered and returned to its rightful place is a cause for celebration and a reminder of the resilience of small-town communities.


A 15-foot spoon stolen from Dairy Queen was found by a guy while playing Pokémon Go. This story is a reminder that even the most absurd and seemingly random events can be resolved with a little bit of luck and cooperation.

The theft of the 15-foot spoon was an unusual incident that captured the attention of the nation. However, thanks to the diligent efforts of the police and the unexpected assistance of a Pokémon Go player, the story has a happy ending. The spoon has been returned to its rightful place, and the town can continue to enjoy its quirky charm.

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