Ryan Murphy’s horror-driven TV show American Horror Story is back on our screens with the ninth season, premiering on Fox every Thursday night at 10pm. Hooray for all horror and spook lovers!

As usual, we can expect guts, horror, screams, sex and lots and lots of violence to occur throughout the new season – but what you can’t expect is Evan Peters. So basically, what’s the point? Right?

But anyway, American Horror Story has won ever so many awards for not only the incredible acting, but the makeup and the prosthetics that are used within each season. Whether you’re creating a lizard girl or a bearded lady, the makeup and hair artists have some serious game.


And here are the best on-screen transformations throughout the show.

Which are the best transformations on American Horror Story?

1. Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode (Coven)


Ah, the Queen of American Horror Story. The backbone of each season. The one who always makes you feel. Her role in Coven really struck a chord with fans and required one hell of a makeover when she had to play the dying witch. Even in death, she’s still one of the hottest maiden’s around.

2. Grace Gummer as The Astounding Lizard Girl (Freak Show)

Can you imagine turning Meryl Streep’s daughter into a lizard? Jesus I’d be terrified.

3. Naomi Grossman as Pepper (Asylum)

This one does not need speaking for, but I’mma speak anyway. Grossman’s performance as Pepper was 10/10 and mainly because of how she looked. The makeup artists did one hell of a job with what they were wanting to achieve. Definitely one of the most memorable characters in the show.



4. Kathy Bates as Ethel Darling (Freak Show)

One of her most well-remembered performances because, well, it’s Kathy Bates wearing a freakin’ beard. A little different from her role in Titanic…or Disjointed (420, am I right?).

5. Billy Eichner as Brock (Apocalypse)

Excellent makeup skills, scars on point. Even if he had been in an explosion, he reps it pretty good.

6. Lady Gaga as Scatach (Roanoke)

What a babe, even covered in mud and God knows what else. Her role in Hotel was truly inspiring make-up wise too. And outfit. Roanoke saw a different look with her being a swamp witch, but she looks so good doing it. * eye heart emoji *

7. Evan Peters as Warhol (Cult)


Although Peters got to play a few confusing roles throughout Cult, Warhol was one of the many which was just insane in the makeup department. I mean his cheeks make him look completely different. It actually took me a while to realise it was him.


8. Evan Peters as Jesus Christ (Cult)

He played Jesus, that’s enough of a reason. Well done make-up department, well done.

9. Frances Conroy as Myrtle Snow (Coven)

This was her best role out of all the AHS characters she’s played. She was a badass with big ginger hair, what else could you ask for?

10. Billie Lourd as Montana Duke (1984)


Although much hasn’t been shown of the new 1984 season, Lourd’s look is amazing. She looks like the female Jon Bon Jovi and having that much hairspray in really takes some doing. God knows how many brushes that took to get out.


11. Sarah Paulson as Wilhemina Venable (Apocalypse)

One of the show’s longest running actresses and such a brilliant one. She has gone through many a makeover for the show, being the conjoined twins in Freak Show and the drug addict in Hotel. The character of Wilhemina was one of the most fashionable in the entire series with her ginger hair and eyebrows working a charm.

12. Mena Suvari – The Black Dahlia (Murder House)

Still one of the prettiest women on the show. Kind of like Snow White.

13. Patti Labelle as Dora Ross (Freak Show)


A showbiz Queen. She had quite the makeover for this role, having the bowl hair cut wig, neutral makeup and maid outfit.


14. Joan Collins as Bubble McGee (Apocalypse)

Honestly this is what I thought Joan Collins would like in her older years anyway. Rich and loving it, a little Cruella de Vil like.

15. Lena Dunham as Valarie Solanans (Cult)

Her only season to date, but she had a nice steady makeover for the role of the drastic feminist.

Photos from Getty Images and 20th Century Fox