15 Pictures That Prove Australia Really Is The Most Terrifying Place On Earth

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 18.07.19
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Australia is terrifying and here’s why.

I absolutely will not have it that Australia is full of natural beauty worth appreciating.

Koalas and Tasmanian Devils are cool, but the former all have STDs and the latter are being pushed to extinction by horrible tumours. Very harrowing pictures; don’t look them up.

Other than them, every other animal there is dangerously hideous and dangerously dangerous. Have a look…

1. Just a crocodile eating a shark

2. Croc in a snake

3. Snake in a croc

4. A flying fox. Like a bat on steroids

5. Frog eating a snake

Honestly the food chain makes no sense in Australia

6. The hail’s even mental.

7. Big ol’ bug. Gross.

8. Huge lizard brilliantly blending in with the brickwork.

9. World’s second most venomous snake in a kid’s lunchbox.

10. A f*cking huge salt water crocodile.

11. A snake eating one of those flying foxes.

12. That isn’t frost. It’s all spider webs.

13. I’m actually quite fond of this one. Bunch of toads riding a snake.

14. Snake in a toilet.

15. A dead whale about to blow up. Insane.

Horrible horrible horrible.

I will never go.

Images via BoredPanda