16 Year-Old Girl Leaves Prom In Floods Of Tears After Bully Pours Jug Of Juice All Over Her

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Published 01.07.19

A teenager who suffers from anxiety was left in floods of tears after a bully poured a jug of juice over her dress at Prom.

In all honesty, prom is completely overrated and massively anticlimactic.

Mine was an embarrassment from start to finish: firstly, I loathed my suit but my parents dragged me to Moss Bros and pretty much forced me to wear it. It was shiny and baggy and it came with a God-awful waistcoat that made me look like a waiter.

Secondly, me and my five friends decided to arrive in a pink limo – we thought it was funny – and we ended up getting their first so literally nobody even saw it, and thirdly I didn’t have a date so towards the end of the night everyone was copping off and I was stood there like a lemon.

Horrific stuff all round and I wouldn’t want to wish it on anyone.

However, this next heart-breaking story makes my prom experience actually seem alright, as a teenage girl with anxiety was forced to leave her prom early when a bully poured a full jug of juice over her head.

Where do you get off on that? Disgusting.

Emilee Perry, 16, initially refused to go to her school’s celebration but was later persuaded to give it a go by her mum, Tracy. However, the teenager from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was left in tears after a spiteful student decided to make her night hell.

Her mum took to Facebook to share her outrage, where she shared pictures of her daughter both before and after the incident.

Emiliee could be seen sat in the car after being collected, looking devastated and with her hair left sodden as a result of being drenched by the juice.

In the post, Tracy wrote:

She said: ‘This is my beautiful daughter, who suffers with anxiety whom we had to beg to go to the prom this evening.

‘Two hours later I collect her from the prom like this, heartbroken and in a state.

‘This ‘person’ thought it a good idea to pour a full jug of juice over her and soak her from head to toe. Robinsons Fruit Shoot recall affects Tesco and McDonald’s over choking fears

‘I hope one day someone humiliates and devastates her like she has done to my daughter!!!!’

The post has since been deleted, but both Tracy and Emilee received an outpouring of support by social media users, with many commenting on how beautiful she looked while condemning the actions of the bully.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Tracy added: ‘It’s unbelievable what has happened, she has had words of support from all over the globe.’

Emilee then posted her own message to Facebook, where she said:

‘Wow, I just want to take the time out to thank each and every person that has gone out of the way to absolutely shower me with love and support.

It is greatly appreciated and I will most certainly be eternally grateful for the extremely unexpected outcome of this situation! I’ve had so much support.

The way that people have responded has absolutely overwhelmed me and has proven to me that I can get through everything and it hope that this makes me a stronger person.’

Wow, I just want to take the time out to thank each and every person that has gone out of the way to absolutely shower…

Posted by Emilee Perry on Saturday, June 29, 2019

It’s great to see people offering their support to Emilee. There’s no place for bullying of any kind and it’s a shame her prom was ruined because of it.

If it’s any consolation, at least from my experience, you didn’t miss out on much.

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