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1700s Fox Hunting Club Holds Final Meet Following New Law


1700s fox hunting club holds final meet following new law.A 1700s fox hunting club has held its last meet after the introduction of a new law banning the use of dogs to hunt and kill wild mammals. Scotland's historic Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt has called it a day after 252 years, in light of the new Hunting with Dogs bill, which restricts hunting wild mammals using packs of dogs.

Scotland's Oldest Fox Hunt Ends After 252 Years Following New Law

One of Scotland's oldest fox hunts has come to an end after 252 years following the introduction of a new law on hunting. The Hunting with Dogs bill, which outlaws hunting and killing wild mammals using packs of dogs except in limited circumstances, came into effect earlier this week after being passed in January.

The Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt, which was established in the 1700s, announced that it had held its final meeting following the introduction of the new legislation.

Fox hunting club that first met in the 1700s holds last meet after new law

In a statement posted on Facebook, the group expressed its gratitude towards the riders, supporters, farmers, and landowners who have contributed to their hunt over the years. They also extended their appreciation towards their beloved hounds that they have cared for with great love and affection.

The ban on fox hunting has been a topic of debate in the United Kingdom for several years. While hunters view it as a significant part of local heritage, animal rights activists argue that it is cruel and unnecessary.

The implementation of the Hunting with Dogs bill has been welcomed by anti-hunting organizations such as the Glasgow Hunt Sabs, who consider it a victory for wildlife and animal welfare.

According to the League Against Cruel Sports, the Hunting with Dogs bill will protect the lives of wild mammals such as foxes, hares, and deer. The bill includes exceptions for pest control, scientific research, and the protection of livestock. However, the use of dogs to hunt mammals is not permitted under any circumstances.


In conclusion, the end of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt marks the end of an old tradition that has been carried out for centuries. The implementation of the Hunting with Dogs bill is a significant step towards protecting the lives of wild mammals and preventing animal cruelty.

While the ban on fox hunting may be a controversial issue, it is essential to prioritize the welfare of animals and acknowledge the efforts of organizations that work towards protecting them.

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