Please take a moment to be warmed and humoured by memes of Baby Yoda, the real star of The Mandalorian.

Jon Favreau is a child at heart.

He helped Kevin Feige kickstart the MCU by directing Iron Man (a film he also stars in as the beloved Happy Hogan), he has created two of the best Disney live-action remakes so far, The Jungle Book (2016) and The Lion King (2019), and now he’s been given access to the Star Wars sandbox, he’s created a TV show which centres around a Baby Yoda.




baby yoda

He’s so adorable, I bet that pitch went down a treat.

Jon Favreau: “I would like to create a Star Wars TV series and I would like to introduce a Baby Yoda in it.”

Disney Board: *Thinks about the extra Disney Plus subscribers* *Thinks about the merch sales* *Thinks about the organic social marketing*

Also Disney Board: “How does a 100 million dollar budget sound?”

That’s what you call a smooth transaction.

As we’re sure Disney anticipated, Baby Yoda has become a massive sensation since The Mandalorian released. So much so, everyone wants one to call their own.


Luckily, Baby Yoda merch is on its way before Christmas.

Speaking of Baby Yoda merch…

Let’s hope there’s no attack of the clones.

Oh the prequels.

At least they inspired Star Wars Episode I: Racer, a pod racing computer game that me and my dad were hooked on back in the day.


Real ones know.

Speaking of Dads, wasn’t this their main purpose back in the day?

That’s if they stuck around LOOOOOL.

Deep and insensitive this meme is. Funny I find it.


And whilst I’m no longer waiting for my father to return to my life, I am still waiting for Disney Plus.


Don’t feel sorry for me, at least I’m cute.

Cute like this next meme.


(This is also me today years old looking out of the car pretending I’m in a music video.)

I really can’t stop looking at him.

We see you Disney.

And you Jon Favreau.

You knew a Baby Yoda would melt our hearts.

He’s fixing our Star Wars issues.

Unfortunately, he won’t fix any childhood traumas.


(As much as I joke, I really hope no one finds this next meme relatable.)

On the other hand, I’m sure everyone finds this one relatable.


 Eyes I also have when I see bae.

Boo, if you’re reading this, know that this next meme is you.


(Strangers, know that she’s under 5ft tall.)

Oh and remember when I told you I’m not ready for a baby just yet, I didn’t mean a Baby Yoda.

I think I’m ready for one of those :).

(*Coughs* Christmas Present *Coughs*)

If you get me one, I promise we can share him. #LilYodaWinter



For real, I haven’t wanted a plush toy this bad since I was a child.

Whilst on the topic of childhood,  know that if you can relate to this next meme then you’re part of the elite.


And this one.

Although I’m not sure my mum would’ve let me play out with little Joker.

He’s one of those ‘troubled’ kids she used to talk about.

I mean, how could you say no to that little green face? There’s no doubt he’s the cutest thing in the entire Star Wars franchise.


So cute it’s extremely hard to believe he’s already 50 years old!

Only JLO and Paul Rudd look this good at 50.

It’s also hard to believe that the Star Wars franchise is so old! 42 years old now, in fact.


This last meme is for the OG Star Wars fans amongst us.

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