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2-year-old Baby Goes Viral For Hilarious Candle Reviews


2-year-old baby goes viral for hilarious candle reviews. Recently, a toddler named Sunday Bri Kramer went viral on TikTok for her hilarious candle reviews.

Her mother, Emily Kramer, began posting videos of Sunday smelling different candles and giving her candid opinions on them. As of January 2023, these videos have gained over 5 million views on TikTok and have been shared on various social media platforms.

2-year-old baby goes viral for hilarious candle reviews. In one video, Sunday sniffs a lavender-scented candle and gives it a rave review, saying, "It's so good, it's so pretty, it smells like flowers."However, in another video, Sunday's reaction to a cinnamon-scented candle is less enthusiastic, exclaiming, "Oh no! It's spicy!"

The videoshave gained popularity because of Sunday's adorable reactions and her unique perspective on the candles. Many people find her innocent and honest reviews refreshing and amusing, and her cute facial expressions and comments have quickly made her a social media darling.

But Sunday's popularity has also raised concerns about her safety and well-being. Some people worry that her mother is exposing her to harmful chemicals in the candles and that Sunday's young lungs are not equipped to handle them.

In response to these concerns, Emily Kramer has stated that she only allows Sunday to smell the candles for a short period of time and that she takes precautions to ensure that Sunday is not inhaling too much of the scent.

Despite these concerns, Sunday's candle reviews continue to captivate audiences around the world. Her videos have been featured on newsoutlets and talk shows, and she has gained a loyal following on social media.

Many people enjoy watching Sunday's innocent and funnyreactions to different scents, and she has become a bright spot in a world that can often be stressful and negative.

Sunday Bri Kramer's candle reviews have not only gained popularity on social media, but they have also caught the attention of candle makers and retailers.

Some companies have reached out to Emily Kramer to send her their products for Sunday to review, while others have even created candles inspired by Sunday's reviews.

For example, a candle company named Lush Naturals created a candle called "Spicy Sunday" based on Sunday's reaction to the cinnamon-scented candle.

The company stated that they were inspired by Sunday's honest and funny reviews, and they wanted to create a candle that captured her spirit.

Adorable baby reviews high end candles in viral TikTok

In addition to inspiring new candles, Sunday's reviews have also sparked a trend of children reviewing products on social media.

Many parents have started posting videos of their children giving their opinions on various items, from toys to food to household products. This trend has been dubbed "kidfluencers" and has become a popular way for companies to market their products.

However, some experts have raised concerns about the ethics of using children as influencers, as they may not fully understand the implications of their endorsements.

It is important for parents to monitor their children's social media activity and ensure that they are not being exploited by companies or strangers online.


2-year-old baby goes viral for hilarious candle reviews. Sunday Bri Kramer's candle reviews have become a viral sensation on social media, with millions of people watching and sharing her adorable videos.

While some have raised concerns about her safety, her mother has taken steps to ensure that Sunday is not exposed to harmful chemicals. Ultimately, Sunday's videos provide a much-needed dose of humor and innocence in a world that can be too serious at times.

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