21-Year-Old Woman With No Underlying Health Concerns Dies From Coronavirus

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Published 25.03.20

An otherwise healthy 21-year-old woman has sadly died from the Coronavirus.

Chloe Middleton is the heartbreakingly unfortunate woman in question, who passed away from what is thought to be the COVID-19 illness on the 21st of March.

From High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, Middleton was a healthy woman, only 21 years of age, and now her family have urged people to take the pandemic seriously.

Her devastated mother, Diane Middleton, wrote on Facebook:

To all the people out there that thinks it’s just a virus please think again.

Speaking from a personal experience this so-called virus has taken the life of my 21-year-old daughter.

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Meanwhile, Chloe’s aunt, Emily Mistry, said her niece had “no underlying health issues”, saying:

My beautiful, kind-hearted niece, Chloe, has passed away from COVID-19.

She had no underlying health issues. My loved ones are going through the most unimaginable pain. We are shattered beyond belief.

Please, please adhere to government guidelines. The virus isn’t spreading, people are spreading the virus.

Miss Middleton is believed to be the youngest person in the UK to become a victim of COVID-19, while having no other underlying health conditions.

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The warning from her family, about staying at home, come after people have been seen treating the lockdown as a sort of long bank holiday, going to parks and beaches to relax in the admittedly gorgeous weather.

Chloe’s sister, Amy Louise Middleton, posted pictures of Chloe on Facebook and said:

My kids couldn’t have had a more loving crazy nutcase for an auntie and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!!

She adored them and they certainly adored her back.”

She then added:

“Please don’t take this virus lightly because you never know what’s around the corner.

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The virus is generally seen as more dangerous to the elderly, however it looks like it’s starting to affect younger people.

As per Sky News:

Early data from China, where the disease originated, suggested the majority of those who died from coronavirus were aged 60 and older or had serious underlying health conditions.

However, over the past two weeks, there have been more cases of younger people getting the disease“.

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