Netflix’s Tiger King is here to keep us company. It’s an odd kind of companion, but then we’ve all gone through that phase where we go off the rails a little bit and think about getting a budgie. That’s what watching Tiger King is like, except instead of a budgie it’s tigers, and instead going off the rails it’s cliff diving into choppy waters. 

For those who don’t know what Tiger King is, firstly, why did you click to see memes that you won’t understand? And secondly, here’s a trailer that will give you a sample of just how crazy this show is.


So to summarise, there’s a guy called Exotic with a mullet and two husbands, he likes big cats and runs a park where tourists come and watch him cuddle and caress said big cats. He’s also pals with a long-haired guy who seems to think he is a doctor, has three wives – or is it four, nobody seems to know – and loads of big cats too.

Then there’s a woman called Carole Baskin, she hates how these guys keep these big cats locked up,  so she rescues them and puts them in her cages instead, much to the adulation of all the people who work for her for free. Her husband disappeared, she definitely never fed him to tigers.

A slight disclaimer here – I’m only two episodes deep so I’m yet to see how it all unfolds or to figure out who the good guys are, if there are any. It’s one of those cultish true crime gigs that makes you feel like you’re living on a different planet.

Just how crazy is Tiger King? I don’t think my synopsis does it justice, so maybe these memes will help.


Who is Carole Baskin? Is she just as bad as the rest?


This is basically where I’m at after Tiger King episode 2…

And then there’s Joe’s music…

After an employee had her arm bitten off, Joe was quick to let visitors know…

It’s fair to say that Tiger King is just ridiculous..

Tiger King is on Netflix now, happy binging. 

Images via Twitter