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4 Dead And Several Injured After A Helicopter Crash On Australia’s Gold Coast


4 dead and several injured after a helicopter crash on Australia’s Gold Coast. On the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, close to the well-known tourist area of Main Beach, the crash took place around 2:00 p.m. local time.

Inspector Gary Worrell, regional duty officer for southeast Queensland Police, told reporters:

Those two aircraft collided and crash-landed on the sand bank just out from Sea World Resort.- Inspector Gary Worrell

He said that even though the sand bank was close to the water, it was hard for rescue workers to get there.

There were 13 people on the two helicopters (QAS). 4 dead and several injured after a helicopter crash on Australia’s Gold Coast. Three were seriously hurt, and six only had minor wounds like scrapes from shattered glass.

She said that all of the injured had been brought to a hospital. Photos from the scene show workers gathered on land, wreckage on a strip of sand, and a lot of boats in the waterways nearby.

Worrell said that it's too soon to know for sure what caused the accident, but early reports suggest that the two helicopters crashed as one was taking off and the other was landing.

The windscreen of one helicopter has been taken off, and it has safely landed on the island. Helicopter number two had crashed, and it was on its side.

After the crash, he said, local law enforcement and members of the public flocked to the scene in an effort to rescue and treat people aboard the helicopter.

In a statement, Angus Mitchell, the head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), said that an investigation into the crash had begun.

Mitchell said that investigators from the ATSB's offices in Brisbane and Canberra will be sent to the scene to collect information, look at the wreckage, make a map of the area, and talk to witnesses and other people who are interested.

He requested that anyone who saw the crash or the helicopters in flight get in touch with the investigation. According to him, a preliminary report will be released in the following six to eight weeks, followed by a full report once the inquiry is over.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Premier of Queensland, posted a message on Twitter in which she expressed her "deepest sympathy" to everyone affected, including the families of those who died. She said:

What has happened on the Gold Coast today is an unthinkable tragedy.- Annastacia Palaszczuk

Police have told drivers and pedestrians to stay away from Sea World Drive, which has reportedly been closed to traffic.

The primary entrance to the popular tourist destination marine park located in the Gold Coast's central business district is Sea World Drive. Now that schools are out for the long summer break, the area is experiencing its busiest travel season.


On Monday (January 2, 2023), 4 dead, and several were injured after a helicopter crash on Australia’s Gold Coast in the air close to the Sea World theme. Three of the other eight victims' injuries were critical.

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