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5e Wizard Spell List - Level 1 Spells


In the 5th edition, with the ability to deal with almost every situation with a single spell, wizards have perhaps the best 5e wizard spell listin the DnD game.

The only thing that might be beyond the wizard's abilities is healing, (and even then, options like Vampiric Touch and Life Transference exist). Wizards are ritual casters, which lets them prepare as many spells as possible each day without running out of spells in their spellbook(s).

Best 1st Level Wizard Spells 5e

Below is the 5e Wizard spell list of Level 1 from DnD:

Absorb Elements

When you come across an unforeseen source of elemental damage, such as a trap or a spell, Absorb Elements is a superb defensive option at any level and will save your life. Although the extra damage from your subsequent attack is mostly meaningless, using it still feels good.

Burning Hands

It's unlikely that you'll strike more than two targets because the cone is just 15 feet tall. While the 3d6 damage is acceptable, you shouldn't rush into melee combat unless you have adequate movement to flee to safety afterward.


It has comparable damage as Chromatic Orb, but Chromatic Orb is more adaptable and has a greater range.

When Catapult excels in its dependability: The object keeps on traveling until it either hits something or exits the area of effect if the target succeeds on their saving throw. Your chances of connecting with two or more targets and inflicting damage increase considerably. You might be able to Catapult weapons like Acid or Alchemist's Fire to add more damage if your DM permits it.

Cause Fear

It is a respectable low-level crowd management solution, but when more effective alternatives emerge, it loses its usefulness. Feared adversaries are unable to move toward you, which is excellent for melee opponents with low mental stats like many low-level monsters and non-caster humanoids. Even though targets are at a disadvantage, they can still attack and cast spells, and they are often immune to or have resistance to fear.

Charm Person

It can be a fantastic way to diffuse a potentially confrontational situation if you can cast it on a target secretly and outside of battle. The spell does have certain drawbacks, though. There is no visual cue indicating the spell was successful or unsuccessful with Charm Person, unlike a ball of fire.

Chromatic Orb

If you know what the victim is resistant to, you can always avoid damage resistance with this powerful damage with a good-range attack.

Color Spray

Neither the effect nor the duration is strong enough to warrant the spell slot.

Language Comprehension

Consider this a ritual. Since it targets just itself, communication will unfortunately only be one-way unless the person you are speaking to also has a solution.

Find Magic

It's generally a good idea to cast this as a ritual and carry it about if you're not focusing on anything else.

D&D 5e Wizard Class Guide ~ Spellbooks, How Do They Even Work?

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Wizard Spell 5e?

  • Find Familiar/Shield.
  • Misty Step.
  • Hypnotic Pattern/Counterspell.
  • Polymorph.
  • Wall of Force.
  • Mass Suggestion.
  • Force Cage/Simulacrum.
  • Mind Blank.

How Do You Choose Wizard Spells In 5e?

You also have a spellbook, which gives you a selection of spells from which to choose to place in those spaces. Your intelligence factor (for example, +4) plus your wizard level together determine the range of numbers you can choose from. Therefore, a first-level wizard with +2 intellect would start out with a total of three spells.

How Do Wizard Spells Work In 5e?

Every time you level up as a wizard, you get to add two free wizard spells to your spellbook. Every one of these spells needs to fall under a level for which you have available spell slots, as listed on the Wizard table. You might discoveradditional spells on your adventures that you can add to your spellbook (see "Your Spellbook").


Other classes can cast many of the same spells, but due to the Wizard's special ability to put spells in a spellbook and perform any of them as rituals, they can frequently cast spells more effectively than other characters.

Rituals make the Wizard so powerful that you almost have to learn ritual spells to play the class to its fullest potential. So, check out the above 5e Wizard spell list from DnD.

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