80 Piece Popcorn Chicken Buckets Launched At KFC

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Published 24.02.20

An 80 piece popcorn chicken bucket is coming to the UK and no, this isn’t some weird hack where you just add a bunch of popcorn chicken orders together.

Popcorn chicken has been a mainstay on the KFC menu for years now. Probably just behind the original recipe chaps, they’re always there in every meal, making themselves known.


Now though, they could be usurping the original chicken legs and breasts, as KFC a selling 80 piece popcorn chicken buckets today.

80 pieces of popcorn chicken

That’s a lot of chicken, and for just under £6 (£5.99), that comes out at just 8p-per-pop.


The rollout of popcorn chicken in vast quantities comes after a successful trial back in November of last year, when the concept was sold to the good people of Glasgow, Scotland, in ten stores.

80 pieces is obviously quite a lot of food, and if you’re not into that, then KFC will also be offering small, medium and large sizes.

Rather weirdly though, we don’t know exactly how small, medium or large these potions will be, with the fast food restaurant only telling us about the prices.

kfc 80 popcorn chicken


The large size costs £4.29, while the regular is £3.29, and the small goes for £1.99.

You’d have though that those sizes would go down in twenties, with the large being 60, the medium being 40 and the small 20. Don’t hold me to that though.

Is there bad news?

There’s bits of bad news, of course…


Firstly, this isn’t something you’d be able to order on one of your food apps as KFC have confirmed that this is an in-store only deal. Furthermore, this deal is only available until 23rd March 2020.

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These restaurants do that kind of thing so much and I have no idea why. People like the spicy nuggets at McDonald’s and they like the Grand Big Macs; what are they gaining by making the menu additions temporary?


Keep demand up? Keep it so whenever I’m home and we order a McDonald’s, my mum asks for about six different things that haven’t been on the menu for months? Because that’s what it seems like.

I’m not having it.

Images via KFC