9 Reasons Why You Should Binge Netflix’s ‘AJ And The Queen’ Right Now

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Published 12.01.20

9 reasons why you should binge Netflix’s AJ and the Queen right now

It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race meets Priscilla, Queen of the Desert meets Rat Race.

If you haven’t already binged RuPaul’s new series, AJ and the Queen, then you’re welcome, sis, ’cause you have a treat of a new series waiting for you over on Netflix.

Btw, if you’ve never seen Rat Race, you’re also welcome. Give it a Google.

AJ and the Queen poster

The original Netflix series, which dropped on the streaming service on 10th January 2020, is currently gagging the internet with its unique mix of comedy, drama, drag and FEELS.

The series is written, directed, produced by and stars RuPaul herself as larger-than-life New York drag queen Ruby Red (basically just RuPaul, but I’m totally fine with that). The down-on-her-luck “40-year-old” drag queen travels across America from club to club in a rundown 1990’s RV, in order to recoup the $100,000 stolen from her. Ruby is paired up with young AJ, a recently orphaned, potty-mouthed, 10-year-old white girl stowaway.


Netflix’s official synopsis reads:

“As these two misfits, one tall – one small, travel from city to city, Ruby’s message of love and acceptance winds up touching people and changes their lives a little for the better. This fun, outrageous series explores ideas of family, friendship, love, and loss. Together they help each other navigate the heartbreaking past, the challenging present and a hopeful future as Ruby and AJ travel the USA searching for a little happiness and the very best breakfast waffle. Part Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Part Touched by an Angel. Oh, and RuPaul performs a killer musical number in every drag club.”

And Rat Race – I just see it.
AJ and the Queen RuPaul

If I had to compare the series to a drag queen cliché, I’d immediately choose the death drop. But instead of endlessly raving about it, here are nine reasons why AJ and the Queen utterly slays.


It stars RuPaul

Mama Ru aka RuPaul Charles not only plays titular character, Robert Lincoln Lee aka Ruby Red, but she played a significant role in writing, producing and directing the series

Seriously, when does this queen sleep?


The Drag Race cameos are endless

If you’re a fan of spotting Easter eggs in your movie and tele choices, you won’t be disappointed while watching AJ and the Queen. The series guest-stars literally dozens and dozens of RuPaul’s world-famous Drag Race queens.

According to Digital Spy, nearly two dozen Drag Race girls cameo in AJ and the Queen, including Bianca Del Rio, Katya, Valentina and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (“Miss Vannnnjjjjieeee”). Co-creator Michael Patrick King told Digital Spy that trying to organise all the queens – and work around their busy schedules – was a “challenge” that he compared to “plate spinning”.

Drag Race fans will see a different side to Mama Ru

Fans will certainly see a softer side to Mama Ru in the new series. According to Variety, Ru wanted to show that she was, in fact, not “dead inside”. For the sake of non-Drag Race viewers, Ru can come across a little, well, robotic and emotionless on her show from time to time…

*Shade rattle*


RuPaul added:

“My heart isn’t black. It’s actually pumping blood and it’s alive. It was really lovely to dig deep. It’s been years of protecting that soft underbelly and then to be in the safe hands of Michael Patrick King. I was able to just bloom and just be vulnerable and I love that.”

See. Feels. I warned you.

Michael-Leon Wooley is EVERYTHING

Michael-Leon Wooley plays Ruby’s bestie, blind drag queen Coco Butter aka Louis Bell in AJ and the Queen and honestly, he is a f**king delight. If Wooley fails to make you laugh in this with his shocking, unfiltered humour, then you might be dead inside.


RuPaul performs in every club

Ruby stops off in various gay clubs on her cross-country trip to Texas and every time she does, we get gifted to a gag-worthy RuPaul performance. My insufficient combination of words, gifs and memes just won’t do it justice. So just watch it. There’s a reason she’s the world’s most successful drag artist.


Every outfit is a gag

Need I say more?


Tia Carrere basically plays an evil Michelle Visage

Tia Carrere plays series villain (well, one of them) Lady Danger. She’s a cross between an angry Michelle Visage and a Kill Bill villain; either way, I salute.

It features new RuPaul music

The soundtrack to the series is essentially a plethora of new RuPaul songs – including once called Ruby is Red Hot – from her new album, You’re a Winner, Baby. They’re all winners, baby.


RuPaul performs with Drag Race icon, Latrice Royale

I had to save the best till last. If you watch Drag Race, you’ll know that mutha f**kin’ Latrice Royale needs absolutely no introduction.

But what I will say is that not only does she cameo in AJ and the Queen, but Latrice performs with RuPaul herself; basically, the drag equivalent of Whitney and Mariah sharing the spotlight for a hot sec.


AJ and the Queen is streaming on Netflix now. 

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