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92 Years Old Rupert Murdoch Announces His Fifth Marriage


92 years old Rupert Murdoch announces his fifth marriage.Rupert Murdoch, the 92-year-old media mogul, is getting married for the fifth time to Ann Lesley Smith, a former police chaplain whom he met at his California vineyard last September.

Rupert Murdoch To Tie The Knot For The Fifth Time With Former Police Chaplain Ann Lesley Smith

Rupert Murdoch has announced his engagement to Ann Lesley Smith, a former police chaplain, whom he met at his vineyard in California last September.

The media mogul, who split with his fourth wife Jerry Hall last year, said he dreaded falling in love but knew this would be his last. He proposed to Ms. Smith on St Patrick's Day and the wedding is set to take place in late summer.

Ms. Smith's late husband was Chester Smith, a country singer and radio and TV executive. She expressed her happiness, stating that they share the same beliefs and it is a gift from God. "For us both it's a gift from God. We met last September," she told the New York Post.

Rupert Murdoch Announces He's Engaged For A Fifth Time To Ann Lesley Smith

Mr. Murdoch, who has six children from his first three marriages, added: "We're both looking forward to spending the second half of our lives together." The couple will split their time between California, Montana, New York, and the UK.


Rupert Murdoch, who has been previously married to Patricia Booker, Anna Mann, and Wendi Deng, is set to tie the knot for the fifth time with Ann Lesley Smith. The media tycoon expressed his happiness and excitement for the future, as the couple looks forward to spending the second half of their lives together.

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