98-Year-Old WW2 Veteran Amazes Doctors By Recovering From Coronavirus In A Week

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Published 26.03.20

A 98-year-old man who was involved in World War II has amazed everyone, including doctors, after he recovered from Coronavirus in less than a week.

Jack Bowden turns 99 in May and was admitted to a hospital in Bolton on Monday as he had a water infection.

When he was there however, he tested positive for Covid-19 which for anyone is a huge concern, but for someone of his age is a genuine scare.

Despite the severity of the pandemic, Bowden was back in his nursing home in Greater Manchester by Friday, having made a full recovery.

 Jack Bowden, pictured with his son Mark, has managed the beat coronavirus in less than a week

Jack’s granddaughter, Nicola Hyams said:

By all accounts he’s doing very well. He’s complaining about having to stay in his bed.

For somebody to of his age to go into hospital on the Monday and come out again the same week is remarkable“.

Back in World War Two, Bowden worked on the production of penicillin at the Royal Navy Medical School in Clevedon, Somerset.

 During WW2, Jack worked on the production of penicillin at the Royal Navy Medical School

Joanne Drayson – Jack’s daughter – believed that the antiviral medication used for her father’s urine infection helped greatly with the swift curing of his coronavirus infection.

Speaking of the miraculous recovery, she said:

Now doctors have approached him to be a case study. So he was a trailblazer back in World War Two and he’s clearly a trailblazer now“.

Over in Italy, a 95-year-old woman became the oldest person to be cured of the disease in her country.

Back on the 5th of March, Alma Clara Corsini, from Modena, was admitted to a hospital in Pavullo, as she contracted the dreaded virus that has left the world at a standstill.

95-year-old woman coronavirus

Despite this, and without the help of antiviral therapy, Corsini’s body showed a “great reaction”, and less than twenty days later she was cured.

Speaking to Italian newspaper Gazzetta Di Modena, she said:

Yes, yes, I’m fine. They were good people who looked after me well, and now they’ll send me home in a little while“.

She has since been discharged from the hospital as she became the “pride of the staff” working there.

It’s not all doom and gloom, eh?

Images via Mark Bowden, Facebook