The world’s gone Pennywise mad and I honestly couldn’t give two hoots.

Having said that, we did go to an IT immersive experience and it terrified the hell out of me. God knows what I signed up for it.

In regards to IT: Chapter Two though, the general consensus is that it’s overly long, not that scary and rather dull. Just read our review of it.


Nevertheless, the Pennywise marketing machine is in full effect, from this Pennywise balloon lamp to a massive effing robot.



Coming this Halloween, and stating at a massive five foot six inches, the statue is the perfectly horrifying addition to your next party. The figure features infrared sensor-activated actions and light-up eyes, like some kind of horrific Furby. The statue also can repeat quotes from the film, all voiced by the actor himself, Bill Skarsgard, if the whole thing wasn’t spooky enough. And for just $41.99, you can guarantee no one visits your house in the near future.

Check it out:

So, where can I buy robot Pennywise?

Spirit Halloween is the shop now responsible for all your future clown-based night terrors.


Following a recent trend in UK retailers bringing out lines featuring pop culture icons, including bargain retailer B&M launching a new ‘Friends’ collection, it seems fitting that more shops would jump on both the Halloween and IT bandwagon.

However, if you’re not comfortable with Pennywise being in your house 24/7, why not try the (more palatable) options on sale.


A personal favourite is the insane Pennywise costume which – prepare yourself – looks like this:

It almost makes the whole thing seem slightly less spine-chilling.

The costume’s description reads:

“You’ll float too! It’ll be hard to scare anyone when your cute little fluff-ball is dressed up as Pennywise, but it’s worth a try! This officially licensed Pennywise costume comes with a step-in shirt that has attached 3-D hands! Top off the look with the included wig, and you’ll be ready for the perfect Halloween photo shoot!”


I know where my vote’s going. Personally, the whole “letting the giant creepy clown statue into your house” seems a bit odd to us. But if you’re like Bill Hader, who recently admitted he was unable to keep a straight face throughout filming, this might be the perfect thing to tie your living room together.


Send in the clowns.

Images via Spirit Halloween