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A Boy Who Hid In A Container While Playing Hide-And-Seek Was Found In Another Country


A boy from Bangladesh who was 15 years old and playing hide-and-seek with his friends ended up in Malaysia after hiding in a shipping container. Reports say that when the boy hid in the box, he got locked in and couldn't get out until January 11, when he fell asleep there. On January 17, the cargo ship departed Chittagong, Bangladesh, for Port Klang, Malaysia.

Boy trapped in shipping container for six days

During the six-day, approximately 2,000-mile journey, the youngster reportedly called out for help, but no one heard him. The personnel was astonished when the child, who could not speak or understand their language, suddenly appeared in the container before the ship arrived at Port Klang in Malaysia.

They quickly placed the boy in an ambulance and transported him to the nearest hospital due to his weakness. According to reports, the authorities mistook the young child for a victim of human trafficking and promptly summoned the police. But it was instantly established that he was only there because he was playing.

As the youngster recovers in the hospital, arrangements are being made for his return to his family in Bangladesh. It remains a mystery how it survived inside the container for six days without food or water.

This is not the first incident of a youngster being smuggled from Bangladesh to Malaysia in a container. In October of the previous year, Malaysianauthorities at the Penang post discovered the body of a kid inside a container from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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