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A Cruise Ship Carrying COVID-Positive Passengers Docked In Sydney, Australia


Going on vacation is a fantastic way to get away from problems, but it seems that instead of bringing them enjoyment, their trip caused them to feel extremely anxious due to the illness spreading aboard the cruise ship.

This happens on a cruise ship carrying COVID-positive passengers docked in Sydney, Australia. Marguerite Fitzgerald, president of Carnival Australia, told reporters at a press conference on Saturday that the Majestic Princess was about six days into a 12-day trip when an outbreak of cases was found.

According to the news sources, there were 4,600 people on board the ship at the time. Fitzgerald said that after testing all 3,300 passengers for COVID-19, about 800 of them and a small number of crew members tested positive.

Briana Latter, a representative for the parent company Princess Cruises, said that "all positive cases were mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic, and those guests were isolated in their staterooms and then separated from non-impacted guests."

Those affected were removed from the ship individually and advised to finish a five-day isolation period. A statement from New South Wales Health said that people who tested negative could get off the ship. The New South Wales Health Statement is available on their official website.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/a-cruise-ship-carrying-covid-positive-passengers-docked-in-sydney-australia/ by Kane Perkins on 2022-11-14T07:43:12.398Z

Latter said that the outbreak on the Majestic Princess "shows that community transmission in Australia is getting worse." Recently, there have been more COVID cases in this country, which has made the government more careful.

In the last week, there were 22 deaths and 19,800 new cases of COVID-19, according to the New South Wales Ministry of Health. Since then, the cruise ship Majestic Princess has left Sydney for its next trip to Melbourne and Tasmania.

Fitzgerald said in a later statement that Carnival Australia had made more than 50 international and domestic trips, and that COVID had not affected the vast majority of the more than 100,000 people who went on those trips.

Fitzgerald said that the company has been taking "the most rigorous and strict measures, which go well above current guidelines." For example, 95% of guests over the age of 12 must be vaccinated, and staff and passengers are tested for COVID before they board.


We take our responsibility to keep everyone safe very seriously. This extends to not only caring for our guests, but also for the wider community in which we operate and visit.

- Marguerite Fitzgerald, president of Carnival Australia

NSW Health Statement On The Majestic Princess Cruise Ship

In line with the Eastern Seaboard and Western Australian Cruise Protocols, it is the cruise operators' job to make sure that measures are in place to keep passengers and crews safe from infectious diseases like COVID-19.

This includes the testing regime for passengers and crew prior to disembarkation. There are currently increasing levels of COVID-19 throughout the community as the current wave of infections, driven by the new Omicron subvariants continues to grow.

In any enclosed space, including cruise ships, there is always a risk that COVID-19 will spread. Cruise ships must inform passengers of this risk. Prompt testing and isolation of cases, along with prevention through wearing masks and good hand hygiene, is important.

NSW Health’s assessment is that the COVID-19 risk level for the Majestic Princess is now Tier 3, which indicates a high level of transmission. Carnival, the cruise operator has advised NSW Health that all COVID-positive people are isolating and being cared for by the onboard medical team.

NSW Health is liaising with the Majestic Princess cruise ship to monitor the health of its passengers and crew members. Carnival has advised NSW Health that passengers disembarking from the ship have undertaken a rapid antigen test in the 24 hours leading up to disembarkation. Carnival has advised NSW Health that they are assisting passengers with COVID-19 to make safe onward travel arrangements.

Cruise Ship Travel During COVID-19

COVID-19 is caused by a virus that spreads easily between people who are close together on ships. If the virus is spreading on a cruise ship, there is a chance that passengers and crew will get sick. Here are some reminders that you should know:

  • Before traveling, inquire directly with your cruise line about COVID-19 testing or immunization protocols.
  • If your cruise line doesn't have a specific testing requirement, get tested as soon as you can (but no more than 3 days before your trip).
  • Get examined again following your cruise vacation.

Prior To Boarding A Cruise Ship

Prepare ahead of time. Before traveling, make sure your documents regarding immunizations are up-to-date. Consider when you can get your booster shot and where you can obtain it. Take note that COVID-19 immunizations are effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and even death in those who are up-to-date.

Think about travel insurance. Consider purchasing supplemental insurance that covers health care and emergency evacuation, especially if you plan to go to isolated locations. Make a strategy for getting medical care abroad in case you need it.

What To Do When COVID Spread On The Cruise Ship

What happened when I tested positive for Covid on a cruise ship

Final Words

The Majestic Princess is not the first Carnival ship to be infected with COVID. Earlier in the pandemic, at least three additional ships in the company's Princess fleet including the Ruby Princess, Diamond Princess, and Grand Princess also had outbreaks.

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