A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 20 ‘Friends’ Episodes

Becky HarrisBecky Harris in Entertainment, TV
Published 22.08.19

Friends is arguably- actually strike that – it is, without argument, one of the best and iconic comedy shows from the day it aired to the day it ended, which is why it is so hard to choose a top 20 list of episodes from within all ten seasons.

However, after asking many people, writing many a list to collect fair results and a couple of days being a transponster, without taking a break (sorry Ross), the numbers are in. And the favourite Friends episodes (starting from the bottom) are:

20. The One With the Wedding Dresses (S4, Ep.20)

Monica feels the pain of not having her own wedding and borrows her brother’s fiancée’s dress, then to be joined by Phoebe and Rachel. Then turning her love Josh-uwa away by answering the door, screaming “I Do”. Quite an understandable reason to run away terrified in all honesty.

19. The One With the Nap Partners (S7, Ep.6)

Whilst Monica and Chandler are arguing over Chandler’s behaviour to women’s weight, Phoebe and Rachel are fighting over who gets to be Monica’s maid of honour and Joey and Ross resist the urge to once again nap with one another.

18. The One With the Proposal: Part 2 (S6, Ep.25)

What really has to be said about this episode? Monica finally lets go of her love for Richard and we see the beginning of the beauty that is Monica and Chandler’s marriage.

17. The One With Ross’s Grant (S10, Ep.6)

Ichiban, lipstick for men. Spell “Boscodictiasaur”. And finally, Gladys, the creepy photo doll. This episode is just a diamond of all Friends episodes.


16. The One That Could Have Been: Part 1 (S6, Ep. 15)

Fat Monica, Dr Drake Ramoray, Phoebe the Stocks Broker, Chandler the Assistant, Rachel the Dentist’s wife and Ross, the husband who doesn’t get laid and does Kara-tay. Honestly, I kind of like this world of Friends more than the original story line.

15. The One With All the Thanksgivings (S5, Ep.8)

All the Friends sit down and re-visit their favourite Thanksgivings, some dating back many more years than others. Through all the sharing, Chandler finds out that he lost his toe because he called Monica fat and then admits he loves her, even with a turkey on her head. The way to a man’s heart was always with food, after all.

14. The One With the Red Sweater (S8, Ep.2)

Also known as the one where people walk out before finishing their stories. As Ross and Chandler try to recreate the wedding photos, Joey, Phoebe and Monica try to guess at who the father of Rachel’s baby is from a red sweater that was left in Joey’s apartment. At the end of the episode everyone is left with the (not so) shocking news that Ross is the father, leading to the ever-famous Joey Tribbiani “OH MY GOD!” line, and a really overused gif.

13. The One Where No One’s Ready (S3, Ep.2)

This episode is full of hilarious events which pretty much sum up my house and maybe even your house when people are (supposed to be) getting ready for a big night out. Phoebe has a houmous stained dress (there’s always one, isn’t there?), Monica gets a voicemail from Richard but is it old or new, OLD OR NEW?! Rachel can’t decide what to wear (gals, we’ve all been there), Joey and Chandler are fighting over a chair, then leading to Joey stealing the couch’s essence and all of Chandler’s clothes and poor Ross is losing his mind because no one’s ready.

12. The One With the Football (S3, Ep.9)

Another Thanksgiving tale from the group of Friends where nostalgia seems to be a very popular attribute to the social holiday. On this Thanksgiving, the group of Friends play American football (that’s rubgy right? I’m totally sure that’s just rugby in UK terms) and they begin competing for the Gellar cup. Otherwise known as a troll nailed to a two by four (2×4). Things get ugly between the group as Ross and Monica get too competitive when they play and Joey and Chandler are competing for the affection of a Dutch beauty.

11. The One With the Embryos (S4, Ep.12)

The lightning episode. If you’re common with Friends you’ll understand what that means and if not, then I’m very disappointed and you should be. In this episode, Monica and Rachel go to head to head in a betted-on competition against Chandler and Joey where the stakes are the apartment or the rooster and the duck. And Phoebe finds out she’s pregnant with her brother’s babies.

10. The One With the Videotape (S8, Ep.4)

Years ago, when I was backpacking across Western Europe…

The magic story. I don’t think anything else really needs to be said on this episode.


9. The Last One: Part 1 & 2 (S10, Ep.17)

Monica and Chandler had twins. Gunther finally admits his love for Rachel. Joey sits in paint, twice. The foosball table gets destroyed. Joey keeps the new chick and duck. Something’s wrong with the left filangee and Rachel gets off the plane. The emotional rollercoaster that is all six friends, finally comes to an end in one of the most beautiful sitcom finales.

8. The One With Ross’s Tan (S10, Ep.3)

The irony in the numbering of this episode does not escape me, but I’m so glad it happened. Ross gets a tan and becomes, an 8! Whilst Ross is getting a bad tan, Rachel and Joey try to take a step further in their relationship, but Rachel can’t stop playing slapsies on Joey’s head! Poor Joey, or poor Ross?

7. The One Where Everybody Finds Out (S5, Ep.14)

Chandler and Monica. CHANDLER AND MONICA! The one where they don’t know we know that they know we know. Everybody finally finds out about Monica and Chandler’s relationship and are thrilled about it, everyone except for Ross.

6. The One With Unagi (S6, Ep.17)

Ah, salmon skin roll. If you know, you know.


5. The One With the Holiday Armadillo (S7, Ep.10)

The best of all the Christmas episodes! Ross wants Ben to have a more traditional Christmas, but not one with Santa Clause. Instead, Ross wants to teach Ben all about Hanukkah which is interrupted when Chandler comes in dressed as Santa. Fortunately for the holiday armadillo, Santa wants to hear all about Hanukkah. And then Joey comes in dressed like Superman. Good old Joey.

4. The One With the Cop (S5, Ep.16)


That is all.

3. The One With Ross’s Wedding: Part 2 (S4, Ep.24)

Did anyone really like Emily? Although Ross saying Rachel’s name at the alter was not expected, we’re all glad it happened! This episode is only good because it’s the beginning of the end of Ross and Emily, but also the beginning of Chandler and Monica, the real MVP’s of Friends.

2. The One The Morning After (S3, Ep.16)

This one still hurts. The emotion is too real and raw to not give it second place in the rankings. Sorry Ross, but I side with Rachel, only because you weren’t even “on a break” for 24 hours before you slept with someone else.

1. The One With the Prom Video (S2, Ep.14)

She’s his lobster! And the number one goes to the ever so famous and classic episode, where Rachel and Ross FINALLY get together. Although I still think Chonica are better, this

episode was brilliant in the terms of it was an old video tape which made them finally come together. Hats off to Alexa Junge for such an incredible idea and also to James Burrows for giving such beautiful direction. Congratulations Rachel and Ross, you are the lobsters of this Top 20 ranking.