A Driver Is Under Fire For Stuffing A TV In His Car On Top Of A Child In The Back Seat

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Published 12.08.19

A driver is being slammed as images show a huge flatscreen TV box in his backseat, on top of a child with very little room to move.

I’m sure most of us have memories that align with this one, so to see it being slammed online is slightly jarring.

My parents are objectively good people and raised me – I think – well, but one of the things I knew was inevitable when going on holiday was that at some point, I’d be stuffed into the backseat with several suitcases on top of me.


With that said, I didn’t actually mind at all. There’s a lot to be said for the surprising comfort of being underneath things on the backseat of a car and on top of that, I was going on holiday. A potentially, but not actually, uncomfortable journey was what I like to call a “good problem”.

Similarly for this kid, he’s getting a new 55″ TV…

When you drive a BMW, but can’t afford the $50 delivery. Spotted in Mitcham, VIC.Edit: Heroes, the lot of you. Look under the TV. 📷 Andrew S

Posted by Downshift on Saturday, August 10, 2019


Naturally I’m saying all of this with an inkling of knowledge as to how anyone involved actually felt. For all I know, the kid could have felt claustrophobic and uncomfortable and the parent could simply be a negligent one; it’s not really something we can pass judgement on from just three pictures.

The pictures were taken in Mitcham, Australia and posted to the page Downshift along with the caption:

When you drive a BMW, but can’t afford the $50 delivery. Spotted in Mitcham, VIC.


Like I say, with all I said about this being fine with a much younger me, it does probably break several rules on the ol’ highway code, as well as a few child protection ones, but then the highway code also dictates that you don’t sound your horn or even flash your lights at someone driving like a twat, so what do they know?

It also states that the stopping distance of a car travelling at 60mph is is 73 metres because they stupidly haven’t updated the measurements since the 70s, while a modern Ford Mondeo travelling at 60mph stops in 37.8 metres.


This isn’t the article to bitch about the Highway Code…

The comments on the post were pretty mixed, with some people saying it’s absolutely fine behaviour, others being sickened and even more trying to one up the story with their own tales from, like, Best Buy.

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