A ‘Fully Immersive’ Monopoly Theme Park Is On The Way And It Looks Incredible

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Gaming
Published 01.04.19

Now I suppose you could argue that Monopoly is the board game equivalent to real-life, but then that would be a boring way to start and finish this article.

Wow! A real-life version of the popular, yet intensely polarising board game, Monopoly is coming to the world. Where do I sign up???

Yes that’s right. The thing I just said is happening.

A “fully immersive” Monopoly experience is on the way, with themed rooms, interactive technology and futuristic holograms helping to create a Bank, Water Works, Electric Company, Train Station, Title Deeds and Chance cards.

It does sound pretty cool, to its credit and there’s even a jail to get locked up in just like real capitalists don’t.

I know what you’re thinking though, and no, you can’t build a hotel on Mayfair just to beat everyone else, since the Monopoly experience will be in Hong Kong. With that, the locations available to budding Monopolisers will be those of the Hong Kong edition to the game.

That apparently looks like this…

Mind you, I got that from Wikipedia, so it probably looks nothing like that.

The theme park will be located at The Peak, which is the most expensive tile in the Honk Kong Monopoly so I suppose that makes sense.

Casey Collins, General Manager of Entertainment & Licensing at Hasbro, said the theme park would be ‘wonderfully memorable’, since describing your products as ‘averagely forgettable’ never goes down too well.

He said:

Our exciting partnership with Monopoly Dreams allows Hasbro to further extend the reach of Monopoly to location based entertainment sector and provide families and tourists with wonderfully memorable and highly immersive entertainment experiences by stepping into the first, fully immersive Monopoly-themed entertainment attraction.

Gary Chan, the Chief Operations Officer of Monopoly Dreams, said the hopes were to attract new tourists to the area.

He said:

Having invested a significant amount of resources to design and create Monopoly Dreams, we highly treasure the establishment of this project. We target to accommodate over 700,000 visitors.

Not only are we dedicated to bringing immersive interactive experience for all generations of local Hong Kong, we are also endeavoured to offer a new destination for tourists.

If that’s not enough for you, there will also be a mystery, of sorts, that guests will be tasked to solve. A big bad fella will try to steal a few of Mr Monopoly’s diamonds and obviously that needs to be stopped.

It seems we can only wait until Monopoly Dreams’ opening at some point later this year, but I suppose you could just walk around London in a certain order to get the idea.

Images via Monopoly Dreams, Wikipedia