A Giant Statue Of Trump Tweeting And Farting From A Golden Toilet Has Appeared In London

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Published 04.06.19

A 16-foot tall statue of President Donald Trump tweeting from a golden toilet has been erected in London.

To mark the contentious president’s visit to Britain, people are planning to take to the streets in their droves to protest his arrival – and general existence – as well as a lovely balloon being inflated today.

You’ll remember the balloon from last year’s visit, as it depicts the President of the United States as a baby in a nappy, holding a phone. It’s very charming, actually. If you took away the element of it’s likeness being quite a despicable man, it looks like something you’d see on Nikelodeon or something.


trump protest baby balloon


As well as that though, there’s another delightful piece of anti-Trump loveliness in London’s Trafalgar Square, in the shape of a talking robot.

The robot – more of a talking statue – stands (sits) at 16 feet tall, and depicts the president wearing a MAGA hat, sitting on a toilet and tweeting; the later he’s famous for doing, and the former, presumably, being another thing that he does.


As mentioned though, the robot talks, and blurts out some of Trump’s catchphrases that are actual recordings of himself, such as ‘No collusion’, ‘You are fake news’ and ‘I’m a very stable genius’.

trafalgar square trump protest


To top it off, it also farts – not recorded from Trump though.

Don Lessem, from Philadelphia, who owns the robot told the Mail Online:

The fart we couldn’t get from him [Trump] so we had to use a generic fart.


talking trump protest robot

Speaking of Trump, Lessem went on to say:

Well he’s a disgrace. I want people to realise that this doesn’t represent America. Humour is my weapon. He’s a would-be dictator.”

Firm but fair.

Meanwhile, the president had the nerve to tweet this…


Why does he think we’re not aware what’s going on in our country. In some parts of London you literally just have to look out of your closest window to know he’s lying.

Just don’t say anything… ever again.

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