Finally some good news for Harry Potter fans, as a TV series is reportedly in early development for HBO Max.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that something is in the works.

No writers or talent are currently attached to the project. Elsewhere, Variety has sources who say conversations have taken place with multiple writers, but there is no word on what the show would focus on, or where in the “Harry Potter” timeline it would take place.

However, Warner Bros and HBO Max are denying all knowledge. “There are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform,” they said in a statement to Variety.

Regardless, the publication insists multiple sources have confirmed that the project is in the very early stages.

If it does happen, a TV series would be a guaranteed money spinner. The seven books in the original series have now sold over 500 million copies worldwide.

The eight-film franchise that followed has grossed nearly $8 billion.

Remakes And Reboots

Then there’s the spin-offs, with the prequel “Fantastic Beasts” film series. Two have been released so far, and the third of five planned films is due out in 2022. This prequel series proved that Potter fans will embrace new characters and timelines, giving HBO more freedom to move away from just recreating the films.

Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, told IGN it seems inevitable the films will one day be remade:  “It will be interesting to see how long those films stay… it feels like there’s a sacredness around them at the moment, but that’ll go, the shine will wear off at some point. It’ll be interesting if they reboot them and just do the films again or do a series; I’m fascinated to watch.”

A huge theme park in America and the Warner Brother’s studios in the UK, it seems like we can’t get enough of the series.

Harry Potter-themed TikToks are still an enormous success, with those featuring series bad boy Draco Malfoy performing particularly well.

There’s even been Potter-themed thirst trap videos. Yes, we know. It takes all sorts.

J.K Rowling controls the franchise and has a say in everything involving the property

Fan have been sharing their hopes for the series on social media.

Other fans feel torn as they love the series but are conflicted following the ongoing drama with J.K Rowling and accusations of transphobia.

Would you watch the series if it’s made?

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