A Jason Momoa Colouring Book Now Exists To Help Ease Your Stress

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Published 13.02.20

Jason Momoa is a frustratingly beautiful man and I’m sure he’s probably one of those guys that gives you you really good life-advice, making you believe in yourself to no end when he leaves.

There comes a point when you see someone so handsome that you hope they are a dick. I used to work with someone like that. He turned up on his first day, all beautiful and looking like a Greek statue. I wrote him off as someone “who has nothing about him” and it turns out he’s a really nice, funny guy.

Supports Liverpool though. He had to have something despicable about him, didn’t he. As for Jason, I don’t know who his football team is, or if he even has one. There’s one thing he definitely does have though; he has a Jason Momoa colouring book.

Quite cool.

Now, I could make a colouring book of myself and sell it on Amazon, though no-one would buy it. I’m sure there’s a lot of people wanting to get their hands on this one though.

Where can I get one?

Described as a “fantasy-filled colouring book for the millions of Jason Momoa fans,” you can get yours on Amazon for just under ten dollars (around 12 pence in English money).

The description goes on:

Escape to your very own rugged utopia with your favourite star! Crush and Color: Jason Momoa is a collection of daydreams come to life on incredible colouring pages. Immerse yourself in more than 35 completely unique, life-like drawings of the rugged dreamboat in the zone and on top of the world.

momoa colouring

Let him take the helm on a sunset sail, witness impressive physical strength as he scales a colossal cliffside, and take in the serenity of quieter moments through colourable works of art. Caught on every page is Jason’s breezy charm and irresistible vigour ready for colouring detail. Colour your way to a dreamier day with enamouring reveries and stirring displays of masculinity on each page!

Get smitten with more than 35 hand-drawn Momoa moments. Perforated pages make it easy to display the object of your romance or bromance.”

Will I be buying one? No. Adults with colouring books make me slightly queasy, like people who wear running shoes with their suit or have a bag on wheels for their commute, but if you want to, I’m not going to stop you.

jason momoa colouring book

It is quite good…

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