A ‘John Wick’ Themed Escape Room Is Coming To An Underground Bank Vault In The UK And It Sounds Incredible

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in Entertainment, Film, News, UK
Published 29.08.19

They say that London is the hub of cosmopolitan exhibitions: galleries, museums, the Dungeons, royal palaces … all as boring as each other.

But John Wick fans are going to be hyped to learn that a John Wick themed exhibit and immersive escape room is set to hit the capital this September.

This is so hype. Double hype. Uber-hype. Seriously, what’s not to be excited about this? Like many, I celebrate the release of a new John Wick film as much as anyone does Christmas, sometimes having to hold my bladder to ransom just so I don’t miss a second of action during viewing and I know I’m not alone. Now, fans have the opportunity to experience what it’s like for John in his journey through the films first-hand and for a limited time only.

If you’re claustrophobic like me and never done an immersive escape room, I’m sure it’s nothing some Paul McKenna books and CDs can’t fix. Judging by the fast-paced non-stop action of the trilogy, it’s likely that the experience will be so thrilling you won’t even remember your anxiety coming in.

What is in the John Wick escape room?

Taking place in an actual genuine bank vault in the bowels of London’s undercity, participants of the escape room called John Wick: Excommunicado will have approximately thirty minutes to solve puzzles and escape from the shady High Table, who have put a $14 million bounty on their heads. Exact details will be revealed on the day but if you’re attached to your ring finger (hahaha I’m so funny aren’t I?) then you’d better prepare yourself to hack it off as a sacrifice in order to solve them.


After busting out of the vault and escaping from the clutches of the High Table’s super-assassins, attendees will be granted access to the luxurious Continental bar upstairs, frequented by Ian McShane’s smooth-talking Winston in the films. Here they will find a museum of genuine props and costumes from the three films and get an exclusive opportunity to play the upcoming PC game John Wick: Hex ahead of its official release, which is still to be announced.

What is the John Wick video game about?

The John Wick escape room is likely to reflect the gameplay of the up-coming game, which will be a strategy-based game rather than a third-person shoot ’em up like Red Dead Redemption or GTA. Carefully calculated karate skills and weapon placement will be implemented through ‘commands’ given to the John Wick avatar as he escapes from the foes on his tail. The game will also feature elements of realism in keeping with the films, such as a limited ammo supply on John’s person and therefore cannot waste them, all carried out during a time limit.

But for those interested in John Wick: Excommunicado,  you’d better get booking your place via a prize draw here.


The escape room is open to the public for one day only on Tuesday 17 September. Journalists, celebrities and VIPs will be able to access the experience a day earlier on Monday 16 September at the secret London venue that will be announced closer to the time. As to be expected of such an event, willing participants must be 18-years-old and older to take part and should expect there to be some filming and photography to record the day’s progress.

Seriously, what’s not to love about all this?

When is John Wick: Parabellum released on Blue-ray and DVD?

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum will be released on DVDBlu-ray and 4K Ultra HD in the UK on September 16. And get this, a fourth movie has even been announced!