A ‘Largely Invisible’ Scented Candle Is Now Available For Middle Children

Gugu MashavaGugu Mashava in Funny, News, Weird
Published 28.11.19

In plenty of different households, being the younger sibling means you get hand-me-downs, while the eldest always enjoyed favouritism.

And the middle child was, um.. what were they again?

Ah yes, no one really remembers, as they were just the middle child. They existed purely just to be forgotten next to the cuteness of the youngest and the brazenness of the oldest.


However, times are changing. There’s now a chance for the forgotten ones to finally be remembered with the new middle child candle which comes in the scent ‘largely invisible’ – a smell worthy of all middle children around the world.

Whisky River Soap Co are the geniuses behind the product and are selling it for $19.95 (£15.50). When lit for up to 60 hours, the purple wax candle releases a grape- haze scent which is probably an aroma only a middle child can detect.

That is, of course, if someone remembers to it get for them in the first place.

The hilariously packaged candle displays the message ‘Go ahead and dye your hair purple, no one will notice’. The early 2000’s version of my sister, the middle child, would definitely feel personally attacked reading it.

If you are a middle child looking celebrate the fact that you are universally ignored, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t purchase the candle this Christmas.

While you show off your new candle, you can also let people know that according to author Katrin Schumann, the middle child is likely to be the most successful out of the siblings, as well as sociable with a strong career.


Apparently, a lot of the hardships the middle child faces when growing up makes gives them positive traits such as empathy, independence, articulacy and creativity which makes them an overall prosperous human being in adult life.

It’s a nice fact, but it still doesn’t’ make them any more memorable.