Sorry if you’re eating your breakfast…

Social media can be a wonderful place, full of all the information you could ever wish for.

However, it also contains many weird things you’ll wish you could unsee.

One of the candidates to be London’s next mayor posted videos of him drinking his own urine. As you do.

It features independent candidate Brian Rose. For reasons known only to himself, he posted a video of him simply his own goods back in 2018.


In the video he can be seen describing it as ‘a little salty’. That would be bad enough, but he then did it AGAIN.

Surely once is enough?

He was also filmed drinking his urine again with free runner Timothy Shieff. A former banker, Rose describes the second glass of urine as ‘really not bad at all’. Urgh.

We have Guido Fawkes to thank for finding the clips. Unsurprisingly, Rose has now deleted them from his Instagram.


Needless to say, it doesn’t look like he’ll be a real candidate. He’s currently polling at around 2%, according to the latest forecast.

The election is due to take place on May 6.

He’s currently predicted to get a larger share than rival Laurence Fox. At 1%, Laurence is eye-to-eye with Count Binface and UKIP’s Peter Gammons.

We promise we’re not making this up. The beauty of UK politics, Gammons and Count Binface.

Current Mayor Sadiq Khan is predicted to win once more.

Social Posts

Mr Rose has become notorious for promoting conspiracy theories on his London Real channel.

He has been campaigning on huge billboards and posting unusual stuff online (as well as the wee drinking.)

Rose filmed himself taking part in a workout session. During it, he says he has 38 days left in the campaign to ‘go to war’.

He is promising a ‘new direction’ for London. He insists it will help the economy education and health services, while guaranteeing ‘the human rights of the citizens of this great city’.


Another candidate includes a self-professed posh YouTuber, who said he decided to put himself up for the election as he wants to beat Laurence Fox.

Max Fosh is a 25-year-old YouTuber with more than 300,000 subscribers.

Max said: ‘I would like to officially add my name to the ballot list for the next London Mayor just to get more votes than Lawrence Fox.

‘Who do you think would win? A political party with £5million of backing or one YouTubey boy with a few hundred thousand subscribers.’

Are you surprised by the candidates?

Image via Alamy.