A Massive Cat Festival Is Coming To The UK This Winter

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in News, UK
Published 26.11.19

Even the phrase ‘cat festival’ can get a feline fan’s mind racing.

Is it a week long camping event where your cat sleeps in a tent and wears a fringe vest from River Island? Are the cats on stage doing improv? Is all the music cat-based?

Unfortunately no, but the reality is almost as good.


Returning for its second year, The LondonCats Cast Extravaganza is the place to be this festive season.

Running for a three-day festival in Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey, from the 10th to the 12th of January, the festival offers punters the chance to be thrown head-first into the world of cat competitions.

Only slightly more dolled up than a child from a certain American Beauty Pageant TV show, the cats will be competing for a number of esteemed prizes.

Some of the titles up for grabs include Best Kitten, Best Cat, Best Alter and Best Household pet. Obviously we all know my cat Mitzy would clear up in all categories, but she’s so humble and doesn’t need a competition to prove anything. But I’m sure these other cats are good too.


For all you cat-spotters out there is the opportunity to see, and pet, all different kinds of cats. Popular breeds such as the Bengal, British Short Hair, Maine Coon and Sphynx will be sure to make their appearances, so keep your eyes peeled.

But there’ll even be some newer breeds, such as the Lykoi (werewolf cat), the American Curl, maybe even a Toyger, and possibly whatever this happy looking fella is:

Not only is the festival “Crufts for Cats”, as described by the organisers, but a place to learn about our furry friends. By observing one of the eight judging rings, visitors can learn more about cats and their behaviour.

Hopefully they’ll delve into why Mitzy keeps bringing me leaves from outside, when I obviously don’t eat leaves.

And if you want to bring back your kitten a souvenir, there are plenty of stalls dedicated to all your four-legged companion’s needs. Including brands such as Bengal Cat World, Katzenworld and Natusan, visitors can choose from the best food and treats, to the craziest hi-tech gadgets.


There’s even a stall dedicated solely to cardboard boxes! But not the scruffy old kind that your cat’s used to. Oh no. The Purrfect Pad offers bespoke, personal houses that act as the perfect hide away for nervous or shy cats. Although your cat will still probably end up sleeping in the box it comes in anyway.

There is even the opportunity to meet some kitty celebs, such as Starina, who will be waiting on the Katzenworld stall.

But if meeting the stars is just not enough for your pampered pet, the festival promises a chance for your cat to see it’s name in lights:

Our cat shows are accessible with the ability to make even your household cat a superstar moggy” !


The event is affiliated with TICA, the world’s largest genetic registry for cats. The International Cat Association recognises more new breeds than any other cat fancy organisations.

Currently with 71 breeds on the books, the TICA is the largest registry of pedigree and household pet cats in the world, so you wont be stuck for variety!

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available both on the door and online, through the festival website, at £18 for adults and free for under-12s.

The show will be open from 4pm to 9am on the Friday, and 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Book now to avoid disappointment (and for the fact that I didn’t make a single cat pun throughout this entire article)!