After two lorries crashed on the M6 motorway, 32,000 litres of gin was spilled onto the road, leading to the motorway being all but closed down for hours.

No one likes to hear this kind of news. No one at all. You’re just living your life, trying to get on with whatever’s thrown at you and then you learn that over two million G&Ts-worth of gin has been wasted. I did the maths.

2,560,000 standard measures of gin (given that it’s double-strength) were lost to mother nature.


It’s a niche reference, but one specific shot of the music video for Metronomy’s The Bay comes to mind as I learn more about this…

gin spilled on motorway
Just mopping all of that good stuff up

It’s a very sexually charged video, come to think of it.


Anyway, around 5:30PM on Wednesday 4th September (perfectly timed for rush hour), two lorries collided, resulting in the gargantuan amount of gin being spilled all over the roads.

Taking place between junctions 19 (Knutsford) and 20 (Lymm Interchange) in Cheshire, the spillage sparked three miles of traffic jams, as well as fears of sparking something else…

Due to worries that the gin could ignite, causing huge fires, officials warned drivers to try and avoid the area entirely, while shutting down parts of the M6.


Cheshire Police tweeted about the incident, writing:

The M6 remains closed at the current time between J19 & J20 following a collision between two HGVs.

One of the vehicles is a tanker carrying around 32,000 litres of concentrated gin which is leaking onto the carriageway.

They then happily named the case “GINcident”. Very nice.


Meanwhile, Cheshire Fire and Rescue released a statement saying:

Due to the flammability of the alcohol a decision was taken to close the motorway in both directions as a precautionary measure.

Firefighters are currently working hard to stem the leak.

Crews are also coating the spilt alcohol with foam to prevent it from igniting.

That’s fair, really. It’s gin, not sambuca.


The concentrated gin is said to be over twice as strong as the gin you or I drink in vast quantities, coming in at 80% proof. It’s because of this that firefighters are taking extra precautions, but I still want a taste.

Just hoping for a Schweppes tonic lorry to also crash on the site, while a man carrying a cart of already cut up limes slips over, spilling the fruit on the road cocktail. Then I’ll be there to help. Perhaps a cold spell to bring along some ice?

In case you were wondering, no one was harmed in the incident.

Images via Twitter, Highways England, Fox