A New R-Rated ‘Blade’ Film With Wesley Snipes Is Reportedly In The Works

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 04.03.19
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I think Blade is a good film.

I say “I think” because I remember enjoying both Blade and its sequel a lot while watching them, but on reflection and seeing clips from the films, how did I?

Like it looks appalling, right? The series is heavily reliant on CGI and does it horribly, it’s very campy – which is fine – but it’s tonally all over the place since it’s also a pretty dark film, the acting is weird (not bad, just weird) and I know it’s not really the film’s fault that it’s a product of it’s time by my god, the fashion brings a tear to my eye.

But yeah, they’re somehow good films. Nothing works to the degree where everything’s great.

Blade III‘s a non-starter. We don’t talk about Blade III.

But what about Blade IV? Technically not a thing yet but if unofficial reports are to be believed, it could be.

Not only would this potential film have Wesley Snipes inexplicably returning to the role as the titular Blade, but it was also be R-rated, which is very odd for a Disney film.

The studio apparently has a script for the film which has Eric Brooks (Blade) training his daughter Fallon Grey to, presumably, be a vampire hunter.

This makes sense because, as a character, Blade shouldn’t age like a mortal man and while he looks pretty good for his age, Wesley Snipes is 56 and would be acting in a very physical role.

Yes, he did a reasonably good job as whoever he played in Expendables 3, but that’s neither here nor there. He’s too old. The only way to have Snipes back in the role would be as someone who’s training a younger person.

Also Blade’s supposed to be English. If people would stop saying Wesley Snipes was perfect, that would make perfect sense.

I’d be perfectly happy for this potential film to come to fruition, but I’d be equally pleased with a total reboot of the character with Gary Carr. Blade is a vampire hunter and if Sony’s upcoming Jared Leto Morbius, the Living Vampire film has anything to do with the MCU, the two could work together excellently in tandem.

Either way I’m a happy bunny.

Images via New Line Cinema, Getty