A Shop Selling Nothing But HARIBO Is Opening Next Week

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 09.04.19
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HARIBO is a weird name, isn’t it? It’s just occurred to me that HARIBO is a completely nonsensical thing to name a brand of confectionery.

With that said, I don’t suppose most sweet brand names are 100% normal. KitKat? Curly Wurly? Wine Gums? There’s never been a drop of wine near those things.

I looked it up and apparently HARIBO is derivative of “Hans Riegel, Bonn”, as in “[Ha]ns [Ri]egel, [Bo]nn”. Don’t say I never teach you anything.

Anyway, you can flex your new HARIBO knowledge muscles at the newest HARIBO emporium, set to open in Cheshire Oaks on Tuesday, April 16th.

But what can you expect from this shop? I’ll give you a clue; I’ve said it five times so far.

That’s right! ‘I’.

No that’s not right, it’s selling HARIBO. Lovely HARIBO. Amongst the stock will be various sweets, a huge pic ‘n’ mix and, of course, some cool merch. It sounds an awful lot like the M&M world in Leicester Square.

Rebecca Fox, Haribo’s retail manager, said:

After much planning, we’re thrilled to be bringing Haribo’s fun and unique personality to life once more – this time for shoppers at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Cheshire Oaks.

“We opened our first outlet store in December 2017 and in November last year our York store opened its doors to.

“Both are experiencing a great deal of success, which we are hoping to replicate and build on.


“Once again we’re excited to showcase our much-loved range and to provide the perfect place for visitors to immerse themselves in the happy world of Haribo whilst enjoying everything that is on offer at the extensive outlet.”

Meanwhile, Kenny Murray, Cheshire Oaks’ centre manager added:

We are thrilled to welcome Haribo to Cheshire Oaks, they are a fantastic addition and elevate our family friendly offering.

“We look forward to seeing the smiles on our guest’s faces as they experience the new store.

I for one welcome the new store, and look forward to enjoying many a Gummibärchen.

Images via Getty, Manchester Evening News

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