We wish this wasn’t true, but new research has found that a third of men have never changed their bed sheets.

If a man in your life is suddenly really bad at washing up and appears to have forgotten what a hoover is, don’t be surprised. The new study finds that more than half of men (53 per cent) have also performed chores badly on purpose, to get out of doing them in future.

Cleaning company Maid2Match ran the survey, featuring people from three continents. They spoke to 1,000 men and women from the USA, Australia and the UK to get the nitty-gritty details about just how dirty we really are.

Chores that were considered included: ironing, washing up, vacuuming, dusting, general cleaning (bathrooms and kitchens), polishing, laundry, garbage, mopping.

Despite it being 2021,  the majority of households still adopt a traditional setup when it comes to housework. Two-thirds of women asked (66 per cent) say that they do most – if not all – of the chores.

Who Performs Better, Brits, Americans or Australians?

The one thing that we have to be proud of is that British men seem to be the best of the lot, helping with two-fifths of the chores. Although, two-fifths is still pretty shameful. Best of a bad bunch, perhaps.

In second place was Australian men who help with a quarter of the household chored.  American men are the least useful around the house, with the survey showing they only help with chores 18 per cent of the time. That statistic is probably no surprise to their partners.

The Marriage Issue

There’s another huge gap when it comes to the amount of time spent each week on chores. The study shows that married men spend around thirty-five minutes a week completing such tasks. Married women, however, spend two and a half hours. That’s quite the difference!

Single men spent substantially longer cleaning and tidying, taking an average of an hour and twenty minutes in total. Single women spent an hour and fifty minutes. It definitely seems like marriage makes the division of labour less equal.

Lockdown appears to have made a difference too. The majority (80%) of women saying they’re spending more time cleaning over the past three months. In comparison, just 19% of men say the same.

Over one quarter (26 per cent) of men say they don’t get enough praise for completing the household tasks they DO complete.

What do they want, a medal?

Are you surprised by the results?

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