Bedsheets are a pain to change and a new study has uncovered some unsettling facts about how often people wash these kinds of items.

The Hammonds Funiture survey set out to find how frequently people cleaned household items like bedsheets and towels, but the results will make some people slightly uneasy. After surveying 2000 Brits, the company found that one in three people will wash their bedding only once a year. This has worried some people because this kind of hygiene can have negative health effects.

A microbiologist from New York University, Philip Tierno, has advised people to wash their sheets once a week and spoke to Business Insider about the repercussions  of not cleaning bedsheets. The microbiologist explained that allergens will lie in the sheets that can impact people despite not being allergic. With this in mind, it seems poor hygiene may be making people sick.

The study also found that people aren’t too much better at cleaning blankets and towels.  Thirty-six percent of people only washed their blankets once a year and eighteen percent of those surveyed said jeans would only get an annual wash. While this outlook is pretty bleak for those who like to keep hygienic, some items do get a better deal.



Forty percent of people wash their towels after a single-use, so at least there are some clean items in the house.

Despite this, some may want to reflect on their cleaning habits in the wake of this sobering study.

Time to get cleaning!


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