A Trip To This ‘Friends’ Themed Cafe Is The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Treat

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford in TV, UK
Published 23.12.19

Enjoy afternoon tea and brunch at this Friends-themed cafe in London – and watch Friends episodes on loop

Could we BE more excited?!


If you’re a last-minute Christmas shopper like me, then at 10pm on 23rd December, you’re probably close to sh*tting yourself.

If you haven’t reached that awkward defeatist defecation stage, perhaps you’re contemplating wrapping up something you own and never use and disguising it as a meaningful gift. Or, maybe you’re looking for presents you received last year to give to someone masked as your own (that’s a risky one). You might even be at the negotiation stage, where you start trying to go halves on other people’s gifts super last minute; beckoning them into your web of lies, deceit and false promises.

We never learn do we? And yet, here we are – same sh*tty situation, every sh*tty year.


Luckily for you, I may have a solution that benefits both us. Especially if you, or said family member/friend you’re yet to buy for is a mega Friends fan.

And let me be frank; if they’re not, they’re not worth buying for anyway. Disown them immediately.

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OH. MY. GOD. I’m kidding.


Binge on Friends episodes over afternoon tea or brunch at this Friends-themed cafe

Or both. Make a real binge of it. January diets never work anyway.

North London’s Friends House is offering Friends fans the chance to binge on Friends episodes, while binging on some Afternoon Tea delights or enjoying a leisurely brunch.



All the details

You can watch your fave Friends episodes on repeat, while binging on some afternoon tea treats – including a glass of Prosecco for less than £40 for the two of you. Oh, and it gets even better, ’cause there’s a 50% deal on their website rn.

If you fancy something a little heftier and want to make a real binge of it – I’m talking episodes and food – check out their current brunch deal. For just £14, two of you can chow down on a brunch menu option and wash it down with a mimosa. Could that BE more of a steal? That’s my last one of those, I promise.

Friends cafe

Is this not the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for that Friends fan in your life that you’ve totally neglected so?


Friends cafe


Friends cafe

Last minute Christmas shopping done, my friend. Panic over.

UK’s first Central Perk Café in Primark, Manchester

If you’re reading this a little further north of north London and thinking that’s a bit f*cking far away for any friend of family member, fret not northern Friends fan, ’cause you could be getting your Friends fix from the UK’s first Central Perk Café, located in Primark in Market Street, Manchester. It’s essentially an exact replica of Central Perk and an absolute Instagram dream. It’s a permanent addition to the store, so you can pop in there at 10.30am on a random Tuesday morning and sit around all day doing nothing, just like the gang used to do. Feels.

Who needs work, anyway.


You can pop in there for free, too. So pocket that afternoon tea/brunch money and put it towards next year’s Christmas presents, which I know you’ll be buying nice and early.

I’m joking. I know you won’t.


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