A Vegan Steak Bake Might Be Coming To Greggs

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford in News, UK
Published 29.12.19

It looks like a vegan steak bake is coming to Greggs in January



Okay, unofficial Greggs news, but exciting news all the same. Especially considering said news is about the arrival of vegan steak bake to our favourite carb stop. I’ve decided to test the waters of veganism with Veganuary next month, so to me, this news is practically orgasmic.

Popular vegan-focused Instagram account Vegan Food UK has shared a picture (taken by Instagram user @healing.with.houmous) with its 95,000 followers of what appears to be a new sign in Greggs advertising a vegan steak bake. The sneakily snapped sign reveals that the new item costs just £1.55 and contains a mix of Quorn, onions and gravy, all wrapped in puff pastry.

In the caption, Vegan Food UK Write:

“CONFIRMED! The very first official evidence that @greggs_official will launch a Vegan Steak Bake! 

“And many guessed correct that it will be Quorn making the ‘steak’ part of it

“It should launch today maybe/hopefully and will cost £1.55

“Thanks for heads up @healing.with.houmous”


We haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of how @healing.with.houmous managed to snap this pic, but we do know that Greggs has remained utterly tight-lipped as the story’s blown up online. I say blown-up in a good way, btw.

It’s safe to say the followers of Vegan Food UK are happy.

One follower commented:


Another wrote:

“Piers Morgan is going to explode”.

And this one is jus golden:

“gresorection just got harder”.

I think there’s a slight misspelling in there, but it’s still funny.



Greggs might’ve just saved us from January

Earlier this year it was reported that Greggs would be releasing more plant-based versions of some of their popular treats, to satisfy their vegan customers, following the tremendous success of its vegan sausage roll. In fact, just last week Greggs posted an outrageously over-dramatic teaser trailer for their new vegan range on Instagram, so it’s likely the vegan steak bake is part of this glorious release next month.

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This isn’t flake news…

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Greggs will hate us for reporting on this before any official announcement, but what are we supposed to do? Someone messed up (aka blessed us), the proof is out there and tbh, when we’re not eating Greggs, we like talking about Greggs. So here we are. Sorry, not sorry and all that.

Good luck to anyone else about to face January meatless and penniless.

I’ll be munching down on Greggs’ tubs of pigs in blankets from now until Wednesday, as I watch the minutes of December tick slowly away.


See you in the Greggs queue. 

Images via Vegan Food UK/Instagram, @healing.with.houmous/Instagram and Greggs