A Wine Marathon Is Coming To The UK Where You Run And Drink Wine

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 02.07.19

Wine marathons are here to make you feel less guilty about excessive drinking.

I’ll be honest, I’m perfectly fine drinking wine without having to deal with running, but I suppose there are a few people out there who feel like they need to tip the scales in fitness’s favour.

Well that’s exactly why wine marathons now exist, I imagine, as thanks to technology/people monetising literally any combination of things they can, wine marathons exist.

Genuinely I don’t know where people get these ideas; down the road from my office is a café that also has treadmills and another place whose product(s) escape me, but I know one was intangible, like business advice, and the other was something bizarre like smoothies.

In that vein, as stated earlier, wine marathons, where you run and drink wine.

Based in Dorking in the Surrey Hills, South England – a genuinely quite scenic place – the event takes place in the Denbies Wine Estate, so at least you know you’re in good hands.

Consisting of ten wine breaks and twelve wines for the participants, the wine marathon also has various snacks and live music playing at certain parts of the course, meaning you don’t need to bring headphones along.

In case you’re wondering how serious this event is, consider that they encourage fancy dress, so probably not very.

If you’re not up to running that far though, there is a half marathon option, as well as a 10km run, both with a generous helping of good old-fashioned vino.

The cost for the marathon and half marathon is £50, which covers the wine, snacks, a medal, a t-shirt, post-race hog roast with more drinks, parking, baggage and free digital downloads of your race photos.

Who’s driving to this and needs parking?!

The 10km option will set you back £30, while the 2 mile (ooh naughty, mixing imperial and metric) is free, but doesn’t include a medal.

This all takes place on the 8th of September and you can learn more here.

I’d still rather just drink wine normally though.

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