This is too painful to even think about, never mind the embarrassment.

We’re all keen for hairdressers and beauty salons to open again, but many people are taking matters into their own hands.

A dodgy bowl-cut fringe is one thing, gluing together your lady garden is quite another.

If you did manage to get wax where you really shouldn’t, why would you then share it on the internet for the world to see?

That’s what one very red-faced woman has done, after her attempts at a DIY bikini wax at home went painfully wrong.

She posted a (not graphic) video on TikTok explaining her mistake, and it has since gone viral.

Posting under the name of Madison, the embarrassed woman revealed she was expecting company over, so decided to try and tidy herself up a little.

Madison, from the US, said: “It would appear that I have f****d up.

“Because I put wax”, she says gesturing below, “and it stuck, it stuck my lips together.

“I’ve got to rip that off now. I’ve got to rip it. This is how I die.”


i cried for literally three hours yesterday, sorry i look disgusting but hopefully the content makes up for it. if you know me, no you dont

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If that wasn’t bad enough, she then revealed that her male visitor was already on his way over – so she had no time at all to waste.

She said: “My friend just called me and he’s on his way over. And the wax is still on.”

Still filming, with her legs in the air, Madison tries to psyche herself up and says: “I’m just going to yank it.”

She captioned the post:“I cried for literally three hours yesterday”

It’s has more than ten million views, and most people find her accident hilarious.

Viewers Love It

One commenter wrote: “As an esthetician I am literally dying.”

Another added: “Oh no! I feel so bad for you. My heart literally dropped.”

Someone made a very valid point: “At least it wasn’t Gorilla Glue.”

In case you missed the whole Gorilla Glue saga, another unfortunate woman applied the spray adhesive to her whole head instead of setting spray. She went viral too and needed hospital treatment to sort the sorry mess out.

Madison isn’t alone though, as someone else admitted: “I did it too! I made my husband pull it. I couldn’t. I’m so sorry you had to go through that on your own.”

Another was regretting their life choices, writing: “I just ordered a wax kit. I don’t need to see this right now.”

In case you were worried: Madison says she did get the wax off, with a lot of screaming and some blood. Ouch.

“I did end up pulling it off. It took a few times. And some tears. I took a shower and I shaved the remainder.”

We hope the visitor was worth the effort.

Image via Alamy.