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A Woman With Two Vaginas Uses Each One For Different Purposes


A woman with two vaginas uses each one for different purposes.Evelyn Miller, a 31-year-old womanfrom the Gold Coast in Australia, has been using OnlyFans and Pornhub to raise awareness about her rare condition, uterus didelphys. This condition means that she has two vaginas, a double uterus, and two sets of ovaries.

Woman With Two Vaginas Uses OnlyFans And Pornhub To Educate People About Her Condition

Evelyn explained that she first noticed something was wrong when she attempted to insert a tampon and realized it wasn't in the usual place. Later, when she tried to have sexfor the first time, she found that her partner's penis just kept hitting a wall.

Evelyn went to see a gynecologist, who diagnosed her with uterus didelphys. At first, she was anxious about opening up to new partners about her condition, but she has since learned to embrace it.

OnlyFans has helped me to finally embrace my condition. Creating content and having people completely fascinated by my condition is really great.- Evelyn

Evelyn and her husband Tom set up an OnlyFans account in 2018, and since then, she has been using the platform to educate people about uterus didelphys. She makes around £12,000 a week from her videos on the site.

Her popularity peaked when she was pregnant, and she found that people were "really thankful" to see someone like her being so open and honest about her condition on the internet.

Evelyn said that she found sex difficult at first, but now she has "one vagina for work and another for play".

I Have 2 Separate Vaginas | BORN DIFFERENT

She said that she avoided sex for a long time because she didn't know what was wrong with her and felt anxious about it.

However, her diagnosis in 2011 gave her a new lease on life, and she now feels lucky to have a platform to help educate women about her condition.

Evelyn credits her diagnosis with giving her a new lease on life, and she feels lucky to be able to use OnlyFans and Pornhub to help educate people about uterus didelphys.

She said that she has had messages from other women with the same condition who have not been able to conceive, and she feels lucky to have been able to have two children with her husband.

I feel so lucky to have a platform to help educate women about my condition. I want to show other women that there's nothing to be ashamed of and that they can live a normal life with uterus didelphys.- Evelyn


In conclusion, Evelyn Miller has been using her OnlyFans and Pornhub accounts to raise awareness about her rare condition and educate people about it.

Despite facing anxiety and difficulties in the past, she has embraced her condition and found a way to help others who may be struggling with similar issues. Evelyn's story is a testament to the power of self-acceptance and the importance of raising awareness about rare medical conditions.

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