Aaron Paul Reveals The ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene You Need To Rewatch Before Seeing ‘El Camino’

Dylan JenkinsDylan Jenkins in Entertainment, Netflix, TV
Published 28.08.19

Heisenburg is back, maybe.

We’ll have to wait until October 11th to find out, but we do know that Jesse Pinkman is back for sure. With under two months to wait, rumours are already flying around El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story, with fans eagerly awaiting more news.

The news of the movie has come somewhat out of the blue, with cast and crew somehow managing to keep it quiet. However, Paul did tell people he was shooting a small indie movie, and honestly, how did it get passed us? We’re not that dumb, are we?

What is the Breaking Bad film about?

Well, obviously we know that Breaking Bad is the best TV series of all time. Don’t agree? Stats don’t lie, as proven by Metacritic’s score of 99/100.


The trailer suggests that the movie follows Jesse’s escape from captivity, with Skinny Pete refusing to tell police what he knows in regards to Pinkman’s whereabouts. From the trailer and what Aaron Paul has said, we can only guess that this movie is more about Jesse Pinkman’s life, and how he is going to fare without Walt, rather than focusing on the volatile relationship between the two. But then again, if Cranston doesn’t make the movie, I’m sure we’ll all be fuming – in the nicest way possible.

Anyway, shortly after the trailer was released, Aaron Paul tweeted about what to expect from the movie, hinting that there’s one scene in particular viewers should re-watch before seeing the film.

He tweeted, alongside a video of the scene in question:

‘Cats out of the bag…and the bag is in the river. Here’s a moment from Breaking Bad to slowly prepare you all for what’s to come.’


The scene Paul is referring to comes from the episode One Minute, aka season 3, episode 7.

During the episode, Jesse is brutally beaten by Hank Schrader for trying to sue the DEA to get the government off his back.


When Walter White visits him in the hospital to offer him a partnership in their drug cooking business, Jesse goes off on one about how meeting Heisenberg has destroyed his life.

This is what Jesse says during the scene:

“Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone, ruined, turned to sh*t, dead. Ever since I hooked up with the great Heisenburg. I have never been more alone”.

Paul didn’t actually tell us why this might ‘prepare’ us for what’s to come but you’d imagine it’s important. Cryptic man.


Furthermore, there are rumours going around that Bryan Cranston – aka Walter White aka Heisenburg – will be making an appearance in El Camino but *spoiler alert* surely this can’t be true because he died in the show’s finale. I’m crying just thinking about it.

Cranston has said, however, that he would be open to returning to the role.


Whatever the movie is about, let’s hope it lives up to the original series. Hell, even Better Call Saul.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will be available on Netflix (thank you Netflix!) from October the 11th.