Ace Ventura 3 is in the works, according to several rumours that link Jim Carrey back to the titular role.

Years and years and years after we heard from Ventura, we’ve been led to believe that he’s coming back in the brave new world of the 2020s.

That’s right, 24 years after Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls was released, Ace Ventura 3 could be on the way so we could all see 57-year-old Jim Carrey running around, acting like a prat again.


What’s not to like?

The information about this one is pretty thin on the ground and for the most part seems like heresay, but Daniel Richtman – who is basically like the film equivalent of David Ornstein – posted a tweet that simply said “Ace Ventura 3?


Like I say, not a lot to go on there, and if I had the sort of pull Richtman does, then I would definitely tweet things like “Spielberg reveals Jaws is in the same cinematic universe as Schindler’s List,” just to wind people up, but he could be working on some good information there.

Will there be Ace Ventura 3?

Furthermore, and perhaps more convincingly, Ace Ventura production company Morgan Creek tweeted a link to a news story saying a third film was in the works, commenting on it with the eyes emoji.


The fan reaction to this was pretty stellar, with people dangerously excited, albeit with a hint of fear that it wouldn’t be Carrey as the famous pet detective.



So ol’ Ace could be back then, eh? That could be a lot of fun. He’s still a character that people dress up as at parties and the amount of times I’ve heard it quoted probably equate to watching the entire film three-times over.

Speaking on unnecessary sequels to wacky 90s comedies though…

Is Austin Powers 4 happening?

Austin Powers 4 has been in pre-production hell for a long time now, but recently directer Jay Roach sat down with The Independent to talk about the possibility of the fourth instalment.

We’ve been trying to think up an idea that could earn a fourth film for a long time, but it’s always up to Mike. He and I always thought there was more to do with Dr. Evil.


Sadly, the untimely death of Mini Me actor Verne Troyer has made the event of a sequel more unlikely, with Roach adding:

To be honest, I don’t know how we’d do it without Verne.

We always had ideas of revealing a whole life that he had that would have taken his character much further. If Mike cracks it and figures it out, we would definitely do some kind of tribute to him. I’m there if he ever wants to do it.

We’ll keep you updated.

Images via Morgan Creek, New Line Cinema