There are few foodstuffs as divisive as the humble mushroom. People seem to love it or hate it – but now you can buy trainers made out of mushroom leather.

First there was cactus and pineapple leather, but Adidas has gone for mushrooms.

The brand revealed they’re working on vegan shoes made from a biodegradable fungi-based leather alternative.

Adidas has partnered with a biotech company called Bolt Threads that produce the leather. It’s all very futuristic, the material is known as Mylo™, and it’s made with mycelium, the part of the fungus that extends below the ground.

Bolt Threads has also worked with the likes of Stella McCartney and Lululemon.

It’s not the first vegan shoe for Adidas though. They made headlines last year by releasing animal-free versions of two of their most iconic shoes.

Instead of mushrooms, these shoes were made with recycled polyester coated in polyurethane.

It clearly sparked something in Adidas, as they then launched a new range called Clean Classics. The range was made with natural and recycled materials, including soles made from a more sustainable compound of 90% natural rubber and 10% recycled rubber.

They’re seeking to become even more sustainable though, and are said to be looking into making their shoes biodegradable.

Plans For The Future

Adidas has also stopped using animal fur, and they’re also using recycled plastic collected from beaches. Their aim is for 60 percent of their products will be made from recycled polyester in 2021, and it is also working on recycled cotton. The company aims to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted says: “Sustainability is an integral part of the Adidas business philosophy. We have worked with our suppliers to create the structures that make it possible to process recycled materials on a large scale. Not only does our commitment make Adidas more sustainable, but it also drives the development of the whole industry.”

If you’re excited by the idea of the mushroom shoes, you might have a bit of a wait as there is no exact release date just yet.

Vegan Dog Food

Would you feed your dog vegan food? A new pet food startup says it is offering vegan dog food that is nutrition and harnesses the power of plants to ‘disrupt the pet food industry’.

The startup is called THE PACK. They’ll be producing three varieties of wet dog food.

The team say their product has been formulated by scientists, pet nutritionists and pet food technologists.

It uses a blend of plant-based protein, to make sure that the dog’s needs are being met on a plant-based diet. Some vegans find it hard to feed their pets meat.

Some big names are getting involved with the new project. The startup has had investments from the boys behind BOSH! Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, and former Liverpool and Hull footballer Kevin Stewart.


Every year, thousands of people sign up to go vegan for the month of January. According to the Vegauary team, Deliveroo has seen a large increase in demand for vegan food, with orders up by 163% on the previous year. The first week of Jan 2021 saw a 153% rise in searches for ‘vegan’ food in the app compared to last month.

Would you give it a go?

Image via Adidas