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Adopt A Cow Program Gives You An Idea About Dairy Farming


As a part of Discover Dairy`s 2019 “Adopt a Cow” program, college students from Pennsylvania and their surroundings had the possibility to benefit from a firsthand experience at a dairy farm.

The program used live video chat, photos, activity sheets, certificates, and other learning activities to help the cows grow throughout the school year and gain a better understanding of the dairy industry.

“Our goal is to bring the farm to the classroom and inspire students to want to learn about dairy,” Brittany Haag, Dairy Education Program Manager at the Center for Dairy Excellence, stated. “We want them to grow up to be educated consumers and really understand what dairy is all about.”

A black and white cow face with pinky nose
A black and white cow face with pinky nose

In the year 2019, Zahncroft Dairy, a third-generation dairy farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania, devoted itself to hosting live video chat.

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Students were able to meet "adopted" cows, interact with the farmers working there, and take a adopt a cow virtual tour of the farm.

To motivate the students during the chat, they had the opportunity to ask questions about milk, the unique characteristics of different breeds, and the entire cow life cycle.

How To Rescue A Cow From Slaughter?

The best way of rescuing a cow from slaughter is through the "adopt a cow" program, available on different websites online. You can take responsibility for the cow.

Now, this program is offered to students for free or maybe at a minimum cost. In this way, students also learned where their food came from and what their role as consumers was. This is also helping students get the idea of how they can save cows

“We recognize there’s a disconnect between consumers and farmers. We want to ensure what’s happening on the farm is actually getting out to consumers and to encourage consumers to continue utilizing dairy in their diet,” said Katie Sattazahn, owner of Zahncroft Dairy.

“We also want to showcase the care we provide to the animals. We love working with them and being stewards of the land.”

Rural and urban schools have participated in a cattle adoption program that brings dairy to life for students of all ages and demographics and helps them understand the idea of saving cows.

Free Adopt A Cow Program At DiscoverDairy

Forget the guinea pig. Want to adopt a cow or use a 100-pound milk calf as your classroom mascot?

Don't worry about finding a pen big enough to hold them. The pictures and stories they send you about their lives on the farm make them "alive" for your students! The best place for your passion? Free! And it is completely free.

White and black cow in a grass field with yellow tags
White and black cow in a grass field with yellow tags

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Cow?

The cost of adopting a cow at DiscoverDairy is completely free! There is no cost from start to finish.

The Adopt-A-Cow program is free for everyone! However, if you would like to donate to the program, they welcome you to Donate – Discover Dairy.

There is no approval process! Fill out and submit the registration form to register your classroom for the adoption of cattle for the current school year.

No information will be sent until the calf is born and registration is closed.

What Can You Expect?

In the course of the program, you will learn what he/his name is, when her/his birthday is, where she/he lives, and how the farmer takes care of her/him.

They will also email you pictures of cows, activity sheets for students, a PowerPoint full of information and pictures, and recommended lessons that meet Common CORE standards.

It is recommended that the class fully participate in this program and write to calves and host families to practice their writing skills as well as to show their love for calves.

Finally, while you and your students enjoy the cuteness of your adorable calf, they keep you up to date on their progress.

The Adopt-A-Cow program is just one of many ways to explore dairy products in the classroom.

Two cows in a cow farm
Two cows in a cow farm

Adopt A Cow Program At Good Heart Animal Sanctuaries

They have two adoption boxes, better to say two "adopt a cow" program packages that are detailed below.

Standard Cow Adoption Box​​ - £30.00

  • Personalized cow adoption certificate by founder David & DJ.
  • Framed photo of a cow.
  • Beautiful Welsh slate coaster with cow's footprints.
  • A delicious plant-derived recipe card that you can make at home.
  • Good Heart Refrigerator Magnet, Pen, Sticker Sheet.
  • In addition, regular email updates about cows all year round.

Kid's Cow Adoption Box - £30.00

  • Personalized cow adoption certificate by founder David & DJ.
  • Framed photo of a cow.
  • Fun activity cards and cow fact files designed by Education & Outdoor Manager.
  • A delicious plant-derived recipe card that you can make at home.
  • Good heart notebook, refrigerator magnet, pen, sticker sheet.
  • In addition, regular email updates about cows all year round.

Adopt a Cow

People Also Ask

How Do I Adopt A Cow UK?

A lump sum of £30 is required for the adoption of cattle, and adoption lasts for 12 months. If you want to support our animals with regular payments, consider sponsorship or regular donations.

Can We Adopt A Cow In India?

People can adopt cows for at least 15 days and feed them until the animal dies. The cost of a lifetime adoption is 30,000 rupees, but those who are willing to adopt a cow for one year will have to pay 21,000 rupees. A $ 65/month sponsorship donation will help you pay for cattle feed, bedding, and veterinary care.

Can You Sponsor A Cow?

Yes, you can. Sponsoring cows is a great way to get involved and make a difference while making new animal friends. Sponsorship is also a great gift for animal lovers in your life.


Have you ever enrolled in any "adopt a cow" program? We have given you the best options so far. Do check them out.

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